weekend review

This weekend Mr.C & I…



…enjoyed lazy mornings

Mr.C slept in while I read some long neglected Kindle books and watched “Lore”, an Australian-German 2012 film (dark, thrilling, set just after WW2 in Germany, I loved it)

…laid back evenings

N + B came over for drinks and game night on Saturday  (“Bull in a China Shop”, “Munchkin Zombies”, & “Battle of the Sexes”) and then Mr.C & I had a crock pot pork roast with potatoes, carrots, and corn for Sunday dinner



…and fun-filled afternoons

Saturday, we put on our snow boots and tramped around in the woods whilst geocaching (found 2 caches!)

Sunday, Mr.C stayed home with the laundry & “Game of Thrones” while I shopped for some much-needed new jeans and snatched up “Catch Phrase” for $2 at Goodwill


out geocaching – spotted 4 deer!

We’ll end the weekend with The Academy Awards / The Oscars and “Walking Dead” of course.

As for the upcoming week?

Well, Mr.C turns 24 and will be gone a few days for a business trip / conference in Cedar Rapids while I’ll hold down the fort, enjoy having the car to myself for a few days, and hopefully hangout with the rad lady that blogs over at Dexter Morgan’s Mama.


Happy Birthday!!
One of his gifts is tickets to an NFL Draft Party at Soldier Field in April. He’s insanely excited. (Go Bears!)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend + have a great week ahead!

xo, meg

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7 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. I have never heard of Munchkin and Zombies, but I am intrigued! Tell me more!! Sounds like you had a pretty awesome weekend.

    I am cohosting a fun giveaway over on my blog! I hope you check it out and enter to win!!


    • Hey Nikki :) Thanks for stopping by. Yes, Mr.C’s almost watched all the available Game of Thrones episodes. (I haven’t started watching that series yet.)

      Hope you have a good weekend!

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