weekend review

Since Mr.C has to work Sunday (they’ve got some moving to do after adding a new level to the warehouse), we made sure to pack lots of livin’ into today… so:

This weekend Mr.C & I …


went geocaching using this great app for the iPhone!

Fun fact – if you don’t want to pay for the full app or are new to geocaching there’s also a free version that will show you the 3 closest caches to your current location.

Anyway, we found 2 caches, a frozen creek to play on, and a herd of deer (14 in total!!).


We also checked out the Goodwill that recently opened in Chanhassen.

Although Mr.C & I went in with the intention of “poppin’ some tags” (if you don’t know that reference, you need to watch this music video: clean radio edit here … non-clean version here) we walked out empty handed. I did spot my GMA’s dishes though!


The rest of our night was spent cuddling on our comfy couch, reading what Mr.C’s brother’s Air Force unit has been up to, catching up on The Office, playing Bike Race, and eating the chocolate peanut butter bon-bons we’d just made courtesy of a care package from home.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


xx, meg

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6 thoughts on “weekend review

    • haha I wish I had the balance too! fake ice skating with my boots is about all I can do. Rollerblading too but something about legit ice skating = fail. :)

      thanks for stopping by!

  1. You know you’ve been in the city too long when you have to go looking for a herd of only 14 deer. haha. Also, we went ice skating last week and had a blast. You need to try it, it you haven’t.

    • haha well we weren’t looking for a herd of deer we just happened upon them at the park down the road from our apt. i’ve never even seen that many deer ever in my life! so it was kinda surprising.

      i’ve ice skated once or twice but i should try it again. i really want to go snow shoeing so hopefully the snow we just got will stick around ’til the weekend!

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