weekend review: holiday edition

we’re back from our trip south to see friends + fam, hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Late Saturday morning, after much debate + hitting of the refresh button on the weather/road condition website, we finally decided to make the trek to Illinois anyway, vowing to be extra careful. See – IA/IL/WI got hit with a massive blizzard two days before and the roads were still looking a little dicey.

Luckily, the sun and snowplows were on our side, and we only ran into a few stretches of highway (the interstates were fine) that were still ice/snow packed. Saw 9 cars + 3 semis in the ditches on the way but figured most of them were from the day before (tow trucks had not been permitted until the day we left due to the dangerous conditions).

But we made it safely, with the blizzard aftermath only adding 1 hr to our drive time, and around sunset we rolled into town.


We spent the rest of Saturday night celebrating Christmas with Mr.C’s family – opening presents, chowing down on Italian Beef sandwiches, and skyping with fam that couldn’t be there.

On Sunday we mostly lounged around – grabbing delicious breakfast pizza from the local gas station, visiting Gma, checking out the lights around town,


and then spending the rest of the day with friends just playing games, watching movies, and just catching up. And yes, we did put nacho dip in the middle of our board game! Genius I say…


On Monday (Christmas Eve) we headed over to my Gma’s for lunch and Christmas with my family. Lots of food was consumed, gifts + stockings opened, and kitties played with.

Mr.C’s South Park shirt (“No Kitty that’s a Bad Kitty”) certainly rang true as Gma’s cat Maggie stalked and attacked Mr.C’s other present – an Indiana Jones whip.


Other notables: receiving Animal slippers + the Star Wars trilogy, Gma’s reaction to her new TV, and my bro’s turn to write & read an original Christmas poem


Later that afternoon we drove a town over to visit with my Gpa+Gma then came back to round out the evening with a family game Catch Phrase.

Tuesday (Christmas Day) came all too soon. Mr.C + I said goodbye to everyone and made the trip back to Minnesota.

Of course before we left we had to engage in a few final shenanigans like: sassy glasses with a Gma, hair bows with Mom, Plant Cat,


and mass txting everyone we know this holiday greeting, which we will now share with all of you:



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!

xoxo, Mr.C & Me

3 thoughts on “weekend review: holiday edition

    • Thanks we definitely did – and sounds like you did too. P.S. really enjoyed your snarky Christmas Mariah Carey post ;)

      On Thu, Dec 27, 2012 at 8:29 AM, Mr.C & Me

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