weekend review

This weekend Mr.C & I…


watched the snow melt as temps warmed up & rain fell throughout the night,

laughed our way through 2 episodes of The League,

wrote up our budget for January (if you missed the start of our $Let’s Talk Money series you can catch up here),

made french toast complete with syrup and apple butter,

Skyped with Mr.C’s fam and wished our little niece, D, a very happy 1st Birthday,

ate burgers ‘n fries at SmashBurger with our couple friends N+B before seeing The Hobbit,

completed all of our Christmas shopping in just a few hours,

oh yeah, i'm on twitter dudes - you can find me at @bigmouthmegan

(yeppp, i’m on twitter dudes – you can find me at @bigmouthmegan)

and while Mr.C watched our poor Bears lose – I went thriftin’ with my pal Zhenya and her friend D.

We visited Arc’s Value Village, Goodwill, and Savers where I picked up:

a book, leggings, some christmasy gifts (can’t share sorry),

cute peacoat, soft cardigan,

Picture 1

left: gray peacoat by Merona for $10 (orig. $70) —- right: flyaway cardigan by Lavish by Heidi Klum (orig. $79)

and these beauties.


wedge booties by Steve Madden for $15 (orig. $79)

(you’ll remember I snatched up a cute pair of oxfords by the same designer in a thrift haul earlier this month)

In other fun news – the ceiling fan in our bathroom is broken…and our toilet has decide to start leaking! Yaaay…..hope they are able to fix it tomorrow.

But despite that slight setback, it was a very good weekend!! Hope you all had a great one!

xo, meg

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15 thoughts on “weekend review

    • Thanks! :) I think it’s kind of fun to compare. Had a great time thrifting with you too & meeting D! Can’t wait to see more refashions of the stuff you found.

    • right?! it is quite pretty and oh so comfy :) you should come thrifty with Z & I later in January. P.S. we totally want to have a couples game night sometime!

    • thanks – and there definitely is (this one was sunset actually – think it’s fascinating how similar they look in the winter months). p.s. appreciate you stopping by!

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