weekend review: by numbers

[6] the number of inches of snow we got in EP today….and it’s still falling steadily

*update: snow still coming down, 4pm Sunday, we’re at 8in….snow finally stopped, we ended at 9in!


measurement taken at 12:15pm Sunday: 6 inches and still fallin’

branches so heavy with snow almost touching the ground and our deck

branches so heavy with snow almost touching the ground and our deck

[100] the number of  local and regional vendors at the No Coast Craft-o-rama on Saturday. Held at the Midtown Global Exchange building – posters, art, clothing, cards, jewelry, handbags, baby items, knitted items, glass, and more up for sale along with the usual trinkets + fare from the Midtown Global Market shops/restaurants


colorful Midtown Global Market & No Coast Craft-o-rama

[2] the number of delicious meals we ate out this weekend. Mr.C & I split a burger + fresh cut fries from Andy’s Garage for lunch Saturday and grabbed a pre-dinner appetizer of beer cheese fondue + pretzels with our couple friends, N&B, at Uptown Cafeteria on Saturday night.


Andy’s Garage burger + fries followed by an assortment of bakery treats for dessert (key lime truffle, dark choc. orange truffle, banana bread, and chocolate surly cake)

Uptown Cafeteria

Uptown Cafeteria beer cheese fondue w/ pretzels – awesome lunch tray lined hallways

[4] the number of movies I watched this weekend: Dangerous Remedy, Perfect Pitch,  The Words, and Now Is Good – (DVD to be released on Amazon in January, not shown in US theaters, but premiered May 25th in the UK)…watching Argo tonight so make that 5. don’t judge…love me a movie marathon ;)

[609] the number of fruit I sliced in a single Fruit Ninja game 

[6] the number of loads of laundry washed+folded

[1] the number of teams we’re cheering for today as Bears and Vikings battle it out in the wintery wonderland of Minneapolis today — GooOOooOOOoo Bears!!

[0] the number of items bought at a thrift store this week – Zhenya and I were supposed to go today but decided to have a snow day instead! We rescheduled for next Sunday, hope the weather cooperates!

[15] the number of days ’til Christmas

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend with numerous fun times had by all! ;)

xo, meg

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11 thoughts on “weekend review: by numbers

    • it was definitely a fun weekend! :) yours looked like a good one too! p.s. cool that your husband’s name is thatcher. – my maiden name was “thacher” but people always liked to try adding that to that extra middle t.

        • Well, it is such a great first name! Easy to read, understand, but still “unique” enough to be uncommon and special. (I’m a maaajor name nerd and follow far too many name blogs…and obviously love your pick of Azalea too)

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