Sweaters & Insults: A Minnesota Blogger Meet Up

Tonight, Lo (of Our Crazy Ever After) and I went on a hot date to a Minnesota Blogger Meet Up.

While it was a first for both of us, the Minnesota Blogger’s Group has held two get-togethers prior to this holiday party – the first at Psycho Suzi’s for happy hour and another at the Paint Pub.

Glad we were finally able to make it to one though because:

a) it’s pretty dang cool to meet the writers behind the blogs you follow (they are real people yah’ll!)

b) in my case, it’s always pretty cool to meet people from Minnesota period

c) to be amongst other people who don’t think it’s weird when you take pictures of your food is kinda nice

d) where else would you find a huge group of ladies willing to dress to the nines in ugly Christmas Sweaters just for funsies?

Picture 1

oh, and did I mention the meet-up was held at a restaurant (Dick’s Resort in the MOA) where the waitstaff is super sarcastic + insulting, throws straws at you, and make you wear hats with offensive (and often sexual) but hilarious labels?

Picture 2

Yeah…that happened!

All and all it was a good night. Laughed a lot + met some new people – and hey!

I was actually out of the house on a Tuesday night. What?! I know right? On a weeknight!

Quite the far (far!) cry from my usual braless, pj-wearing, 4:30pm dinner eatin’, Parenthood/Glee/Real Housewives watchin’ til I’m in a coma self.

(haha, boy if I wasn’t already married I’d only be about three felines short of a crazy cat lady status.)

Though if crazy cat lady comes with a side of hot chocolate and cozy comforter I am allll in!

Clearly this is the sleep talking. Note to self: don’t blog again when tired!

Night all!

xo, meg

P.S. Thanks again Lo for being my taxi :)

P.S.S. All photos in this post are courtesy of Kelly & her big ass-bad ass camera! Visit her here.

P.S.S.S For a complete list of Minnesota bloggers go here!


20 thoughts on “Sweaters & Insults: A Minnesota Blogger Meet Up

    • welcome! thanks for stopping by & for following :) i’ll be sure to stop by your blog later today. and yes a blogger get-together is totally fun and great for nerding out with fellow bloggers.

  1. i am so happy you joined in on all the fun we have! i hope to get to know you more the next time, for now- it will have to be all via bloggin’ i loved youe c). bullet point! hahah

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