Sunday Social: foursies!

spotted Neely and Ashley’s link-up over at Sar’s blog and decided that it would be a nice way to tide you all over ’til I post my Thanksgiving Weekend recap on Mon or Tues afternoon).

So, here are my Sunday Social responses. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


Name [4] jobs you’ve had in your life: 

For a few summers, I worked as a Box Office agent (and later as Box Office Manager) at the local theatre where Mr.C and I marry. I spent my sophomore year in college as an RA and Mr.C & I worked one hot summer together as camp counselors for the YWCA for  summer. Now, I’m a candidate researcher/recruiter at a staffing firm.

Name [4] movies you would watch over and over:

Gone with the Wind, Muppet Treasure Island, Catch Me If You Can, and The Breakfast Club.

Name [4] places you have lived:

Until I was about 3 I lived on a farm between Bellevue + Dubuque, IA. Then I spent the rest of my years in my hometown of Mt.Carroll, IL. In college I went to EIU in Charleston, IL (but spent two semesters as an exchange student in Kingston, RI -fall- and Rock Hill, SC -spring-). Finally, Mr.C and I married and decided to give Minneapolis/Eden Prairie, MN a try!

Name [4] of your favorite foods:

Salt and vinegar chips, chocolate covered raisins, mac ‘n cheese, and chicken ‘n dumplings. I love to eat so trust me when I say this is barely the beginning of my foodie lovefest…

Name [4] things you always carry with you:

My cell phone, a hair tie, chapstick, and eye drops.

Name [4] places you have been on vacation:

 Hawaii, Florida, New York, pretty much the rest of the East Coast

2 thoughts on “Sunday Social: foursies!

    • haha funsies! :) the blogger meet up would be fun. but isn’t it on a weekday night? sadly i have no access to a car then, so it’s tough for me to get anywhere…

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