Just a day at the office

Today was a busy one at work, as you can imagine most Mondays are.

Since I don’t often talk about work on the blog, I thought it’d be fun to give you a rundown of my day:

(for those that don’t know, I am a recruiter/candidate sourcer for a staffing firm that specializes in placing engineers in the automation industry)

Got to work around 8:05 am,

was greeted by my first set of fancypants business cards (with my name on ’em guys!!),

then spent most of the morning completing my daily tasks of responding to emails, reviewing new resumes that came in over night, calling interested candidates for a quick chat – prescreen – reminder to return documents – or info about an upcoming interview,

until it was time for the weekly recruiter meeting at 10 to discuss hot jobs, hot candidates, plans for the month, office news etc.

Afterwards, I whipped up blurbs for the bi-weekly ad hosted on our website to promote “featured jobs” and updated internal files to reflect our recent agency activity.

Then I tagged along with my boss for “lunch + field trip” visit with of our local clients.

We ate a great little, hole-in-the-wall Mexican place, chatted with the client about their job openings, and then took a tour of their facility where I finally got to see one of these badass machines in action, in person*:

It gets especially cool at about 16 seconds in.

*note: this not a video of our actual client’s machinery, all our clients are kept confidential. however, this laser cutting machine is very similar to the one I saw

Following the client meeting, we headed back to the office where I spent the rest of my afternoon catching up on new emails + recent LinkedIn activities/inmails, searching for good candidates for our openings, scheduling phone calls for “my” recruiters, and following up with two candidates that had interviews today.

Then by  about 4:35pm, it’s time to call it quits.


makes me tired just thinking about it!

ha! :)

So, there you have it, just a little “day-in-the-life” snapshot – work edition.

xo, meg

P.S. it was absolutely gorgeous outside today; especially warm for mid-November in Minnesota with temps hovering at around 60.

5 thoughts on “Just a day at the office

    • the chair is marvelous + it was so cool to see the laser in person – i’m not an engineer so i work on these engineering jobs and hear about the technology and machines and can only imagine what it is they will actually be working on. neat to see something real, to wrap my mind around.

  1. Aren’t you just a busy little bee?! :) It sounds like you have a lot of responsibilities entrusted to you, and you seem to handle them graciously. I sometimes miss my office job. Haha. But this was a cool post. I think many people don’t understand what goes into a job, or a company.

    I might be inspired to do some “day in the life” posts as well. :)

    • aw, thanks K :) and I agree, I think “day in the life” posts are really interesting since there is so much more to a job than meets the eye.

      you should definitely do the post about your day/bartending! i worked as a buser for a little bit so I know there’s so much more to that work than people think – tending bar is harder than the stereotype of mixing drinks, gettin’ tips and flirting lol

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