weekend review

This weekend Mr.C and I…

picked up my new specs (basically after 8 years of wearing contacts with no problems the decided to say said f*u – so now I’m a glasses girl again),

saw Wreck It Ralph – it was good and thankfully the kids there were relatively behaved,

watched lots and lots of That 70’s Show,

played Angry Birds (Star Wars Edition!),

went out for a special dinner to celebrate our 9 year dating anniversary tomorrow,

enjoyed Saturday night’s late season thunderstorm,

and Sunday morning’s dusting of snow,

outfitted our car with new tires (thanks to those who suggested we go to Discount Tires – great deals to be had + knowledgeable, helpful techs to boot),

went through the coolest car wash ever,

cleaned house + ran errands,

sent happy vibes toward Indiana where we had family getting married (congrats J + V!).


Hope you all had a good weekend,


Happy Veterans Day to all past, present, and future service members + families – thank you! ❤

xo, meg


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