Waking up this morning…

… the first thing I see is a txt from my bestie, Kt, that simply says “our guy won!”

And from thereafter, the flood gates were open.

Facebook, Twitter, Email, the news, the water cooler – all abuzz about the happenings of last night.

I retyped this post a zillion times trying to sum up how I’ve felt during this election season – this roller coaster of discouragement and frustration, hope and pride that seemed to be spinning ever faster with a cloudy end in sight. And try as I might I still cannot put it into words.

But I know how I feel now that it’s over.

I feel good. I feel relieved. I feel hopeful.

Sure, we have a lot of work and challenges ahead but I feel good.

I feel that despite all the craziness that’s been happening these last few months, all the worries that have passed through my mind, all the hateful things that have been said + written + done, all the lies that were spread around…

After all of that,

 I am grateful to live, work, and love in a country with a president I am proud of

and among fellow citizens who care about the issues at hand and choose to believe in people.


Of all the statuses, emails, photos, and blog posts I ran across this morning,

Rebecca’s “Morning Afterthoughts” post was one of the best.

No matter who you voted for, I urge you to head over and check it out.

“AMERICA, you guys. We are HERE. We are citizens of this place where we win and we lose and we come together to help each other and we rebuild and we stand in lines because we MATTER.” – Rebecca Woolf

Seriously, go read the rest….

and the comments are quite good as well.

My favorites?

“I think it is the height of maturity to be able to vigorously rip into ideas without ripping into the people who hold those ideas.” – Sam


“If there’s one thing I learned in this election, it’s that civility is so important. While out canvassing, I talked to people of varying beliefs, and I found that once we offered each other our mutual respect, there was a reasonable conversation to be had. THIS is our way forward.” – Zan McQuade

Yes, yes it is Zan.

xo, meg

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