Enjoying the new blog layout & header – I love rearrangin’ + changin’, besides are fonts fun?!

Waiting for Mr.C’s daily countdown text telling me that “only 10 days!!!”. Yep, November 12 marks the start of this ‘ol relationship, so in 10 days we’ll be reminiscing about our 9 year way back when dating anniversary.

Nursing a super annoying cold

Devouring bowl after bowl of this delicious beef stew (inspired by combining this recipe with this one + adding tons of extra carrots & potatoes) and matzo ball soup (using Manischewitz’s mix found at most grocery stores)

Drinking hot lemon water with honey

Nervous for the upcoming election (it’s in like 5 days yah’ll) because 1, I have only ever voted absentee, so this’ll be my first experience in the actual voting booth and 2, what if my guy doesn’t win? Errrm, trying not to think about it… you all had better be planning to vote though!!

Watching last night’s episodes Survivor, Law & Order: SVU, Modern Family, and Flipping Out – being sick makes curling up in bed, consuming tv show after tv show slightly more acceptable, right?… right?!?!

Reading Jodi Picoult’s “The Pact”…yeah, I haven’t really picked it up since I last mentioned it on the blog. Goal is to get a few chapters in tonight though!

Listening to “Trespassing” by Adam Lambert, “Let Her Go” by PassEnger, and “Yeah Yeah” by Willy Moon

Looking ahead to this weekend – so far on the books is an eye exam for glasses, oil change + potential shopping around for new tires, and reconfirming of quotes for new cell phone/plan. Free Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon if any of our Twin City peeps want to hangout (euchre/game night anyone?) Oh, and we may also go see Wreck It Ralph, since the gamer husband has been looking forward to its release for the last few months.

So pals, what’s current with you?

xo, meg


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