weekend review

sorry all! it’s wednesday,  i’m behind.

This weekend Mr.C and I…

view from our balcony

… checked out a holiday arts/crafts bizarre at a nearby church (seriously the biggest church i’ve ever been to! can you say – 14 pastors, gymnasium, cafeteria, expectant moms+kids parking lots,separate music/choir wing, and multiple balconies?!) where we snatched up a few potential Christmas gifties + some homemade apple butter for ourselves.

We also

… had a 30 Rock marathon + watched a dystopian movie or two

… made time for ourselves – Mr.C with his video games and I was able to start reading a book (Jodi Picoult’s “The Pact”)

… opened another savings account, we’re not as super-organized as this lady (although she makes good points!) but still do like to separate the finances (ie: checking, emergency savings, health savings, regular savings)

… started Sunday morning out right with french toast, bacon, and windows wide open to enjoy in the last warmth of fall.

… did laundry, cleaned the apt, + tackled a few boxes that hadn’t even been touched since the move

So, that’s what we were up to this weekend!

xo, meg

8 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. That picture? Your BALCONY?! Beautiful.

    I’d love to chat with you a bit more about the multiple savings accounts idea. I mentioned it to Van, but he didn’t seem to think it was or is possible on such a small income. But, as we’ve discussed, you guys are on a strict budget. His main concern was over drafting and having to spend a lot of time doing the budget Which, right now, we just kind of “wing it.” I think a budget would be helpful, but I HATE numbers and am horrible with them & Van isn’t interested quite yet. So… let’s chat. :)

    • yes, our balcony view is gorgeous – right on to the fairway, lots of trees. it’ll be nice in the winter too – full blanket of untouched snow.

      anyway, lets definitely chat about the $s :) i love multiple savings – ryan does not so much, but we’re working on it, compromise. as long as we keep enough in the checking it works out well. (plus some banks let you sign up for overage coverage – basically if you overdraw on checking, it automatically takes money from your savings to cover it…). we tried to keep a budget but sucked at it. doing it with excel actually requires you to look at it. now we use mint.com and it’s super easy. they have bank type security so your passwords/accounts are safe. basically you have all your accounts, savings, 401K, credit cards, student loans and budget all in one place. we can chat more in email about how we specifically break everything down & how we use our savings accounts & how we got to where we are now.

    • hello! thanks for stopping by! :)

      no, I have not read The Pact before. thanks for heads up. There’s only a few books I’ve ever cried during – maybe this one will make the list then.

  2. what a gorgeous view from your balcony. i always try to figure out where other minnesota bloggers are based on pictures…in a totally non-creepy sort of way, of course!! this one, i can’t tell. but, it’s beautiful nonetheless!!

    • thank you! it is a gorgeous view, especially with the amazing sunsets we’ve been having. haha and don’t worry – i do the exact same thing! it’s fun to guess where other Minnesota bloggers are at based on pictures. i get lots of activity ideas and places to visit from reading Minnesota bloggers blogs. :) I’ll keep ya guessing but I’m in the western suburbs.

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