Crossing my fingers that my candidates at work get job offers after their interviews

Munching on sharp white cheddar cheese + turkey on corn bread crackers with a side of kiwi/strawberries and avocado slices – mmm mm

Thrilled that one of my besties, Kt, will finally be starting her first job as a Registered Dietitian on Monday – woohoo! (let the wedding planning commence!)

Pleased with Mr.C’s work opportunities – at the warehouse they have openings in 1st shift receiving, 2nd shift wire, and 2nd shift Lead position. As much as Mr.C’s been pining for a chance to get on 1st shift he’s wanted to take on a leadership role even more. So we’ll see! Cross your fingers. Interviews, if he gets some, won’t be for a few weeks yet.

Laughing at The League – it’s so not just for boys or Fantasy Football lovers. Hi-freakin-larious! (Find it on Netflix or FX)

Humming Green Day’s new album – ¡Uno! – “Carpe Diem” is one of my favorite tunes.

Dreaming of iPhones and angry birds and naughty piggies…Words with Friends and Instagram and other app-goodness

Enjoying my favorite season of all and…

Looking ahead to even more fabulous fall weather, our 9 year dating anniversary, get togethers with friends, thrifting with Zhenya, The BNW’s holiday show, and Thanksgiving with friends+family back “home”. P.S. we’ll back for Christmas this year too!

What’s current with you all?!

xo, meg

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