weekend review

Thursday night, Mr.C’s Dad + Mama M flew into town. On Friday we drove over to Lions Tap, along with my boss aka Mr.C’s uncle, his girlfriend, and a coworker, to chow down on some delicious burgers and fries for lunch.

Then I skipped out of work early too to hang out with Mr.C & the fam and play a little Euchre.

For dinner, the gang (me + mr.c + fam, along with mr.c’s uncle + girlfriend) drove over to St. Paul to meet up with Mr.C’s cousin, M, a college freshman. We ate and had drinks at The Happy Gnome. To get your mouth watering here is an idea of some of the plates that came to our table: halibut, spare ribs, vegetarian juicy loosy, elk burger, chicken wings, poutine (a fancy pants version of cheese fries), brussel sprouts, & chicken and wild rice soup.

To cap off the night, we savored some sweet treats Dr. Chocolate’s Chocolate Chateau.  My Mayan Truffle (chili/chocolate/cinnamon) was scrumptious and Mr.C’s Sea Salt Caramel ice cream was divine.

Saturday morning, after sleeping in, Mr.C & I met up with his family for Bruegger’s Bagels. I tried their new apple+cranberry bagel with honey walnut cream cheese. Mmm mmm.

From there we drove over to Minnehaha Falls to hike around, check out the non-flowing falls, and ooo&ahh over what was left of the fall colors.

(click photos to enlarge, gorgeous images courtesy of Mama M)

The weekend weather was quite chilly so after our outdoor excursion we met up with Mr.C’s uncle+girlfriend at the local movie theatre to get warm and watch “Looper”. It was a pretty good movie and definitely held my attention for the full duration. Slow to start but with enough twists and stories to be entertaining. After the matinee we headed over to Punch Pizza where we enjoyed their wood-oven cooked pizzas.

I had a “cortina”-which had fresh mushrooms, garlic, and sun-dried tomatoes. Starting to drool just thinking of it… Anyway, the restaurant is toasty since the oven is out in the open so you can see them tossing in pizzas in for the mere 90 secs it takes to bake ‘em! Kinda cool.

To round out the evening, we all had a casual night in watching Pawn Stars and playing Yahtzee.

With Mr.C’s Dad + Mama M on a plane back to Indy, Mr.C & I spent Sunday shopping and hanging out. We hit up the Hopkin’s Goodwill, TJ-Maxx, and Old Navy and walked away with a few fall shirts/sweaters for me and 3 new pairs of jeans (with deep pockets even!) for him. Pretty successful I’d say!

So that was how we spent our first October weekend!

xo, meg


7 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. Yum! :) So glad y’all to enjoy some delicious foods…and of course, time with family is always a treat. :)

    Is salted caramel a new thing or am I just behind the times? Please advise. :)

    Glad to hear from ya, lady! And I like to new blog-look! :)

    • thanks. and yes, it was a good weekend! :)

      uhm, i don’t think salted caramel is a new thing i just think it’s getting more popular/trendy since it somehow got in the spotlight. salt brings out the flavor and adds a nice contrast to fruit/chocolate/caramel etc. here’s the science-y explanation thanks to google: “Sea salt is known as pultery seasoning.. It enhances prodolphenes
      On the tastebuds and causes a slight contrast on the sweetness allowing prodolphenes to excrete esterdypolene that actually enhances and complements the sweetness.”

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