weekend review: hometown meets hennepin

At 11:30 pm on Thursday night, five dear friends from our hometown in Illinois arrived at our apartment to spend the weekend. We’d been planning the trip for months and were so excited when it finally arrived! After quick hellos + hugs, we managed to squeeze in some quick conversation before Tetris-ing the air mattresses and futon into our living room so everyone could catch some z’s.

On Friday, while Mr.C & I were at work, the rest of the gang whipped up a messy French toast breakfast in our kitchen before heading over to the MOA to spend the afternoon. After hours of shopping, eating, and people watching, they headed back to meet me at the apt. for dinner and a movie (we devoured $10, 18-inch Costco pizzas and collapsed in a fit of giggles over “Baby Mama”).  When Mr.C arrived home, the boys took over the living room & stayed up late playing video games while we girls put on some face masks before going to bed early.

On Saturday, we all somehow managed to get ready + eat breakfast, and still make it over to St.Paul’s Wabasha Street Caves on time for a our 11 am tour. The tour cost $6, lasted 40 minutes, and took us through the history of the caves. They had first been used to mine silica which is used to make glass clear, then for a mushroom farm + restaurant, then as a landfill for flood debris, a disco, and finally as a wedding & special events hall. Oh, and let us not forget when it was a speakeasy! During prohibition times, many parties were thrown at the 70ft bar, and gangsters and bootleggers from all over the U.S. came to seek refuge and have a good time. You can even see bullet holes in the fire place from one of these good times went bad.

(p.s. click images to enlarge!)

After the cave tour, we headed south of St.Paul to wander around the Fort Snelling site and eat a picnic lunch. From there we stopped at a small sculpture park to play and take photos on massively giant green deck chair! Then we drove down Summit Ave, which sports some of the grandest and oldest houses in St.Paul.  We checked out Hill’s mansion, marveled at the gorgeous nearby cathedral, and took a quick power nap on the lawn of Minnesota’s Capitol building.

Re-energized, we zipped over to downtown Minneapolis, walked Nicollet Mall, ate at Chipotle (per request of the group! many had never been before), and satisfied our sweet tooth at the Melting Pot (we had 2 free chocolate fondue coupons!). After dinner + dessert, the boys hit up a bar to relax their sore feet & watch sports, while we girls decided to keep exploring. Dusk was just settling in as we strolled along the river near the Stone Arch Bridge and Mill Ruins park. Since the Brave New Workshop has their $5, Late Night Improv show at 10pm on Saturday nights, we met back up with the boys and headed over to finish off the day with the guaranteed hilarity of BNW’s stellar improvisers.

On Sunday morning, we helped our friends pack, before having a quick brunch at Bruegger’s bagels. Some of them loved it so much, they bought a dozen or so to take home. We also sampled their pumpkin cream cheese which is sure to be a fall favorite – pair it with a cinnamon sugar bagel you’ll be in heaven!

At noon we bid our fair friends adieu. We miss them terribly and hope they come visit us again – we had such an amazing time!

As they were driving home, Mr.C & I headed back downtown to celebrate P’s 60th Birthday Party at the  BNW. I worked with P in the box office – she’s so caring, and sweet, but sassy and smart too – a real joy to work with. Her party was fun, along with ice cream + cake we were treated to storytelling and serenades (Buddy Holly anyone?). It was a great end to our weekend! (And no, Louie wasn’t there – but that picture just goes to show how cool P is!)

So, there you have it! Our very packed, but very fun weekend.

xo, meg

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