weekend review: anniversary edition

Since our 1 year wedding anniversary fell on a Monday (today, Sept 17, a busy work day) we decided to spend the whole weekend celebrating.

Friday night, Mr.C’s work let out ahead of schedule so we were able to start our celebration early with Chipotle for dinner and a 30 Rock Netflix marathon for dessert.

getting groceries at costco, found a teddy as big as me!

Saturday, we ran errands and bought groceries before prepping for our hot date out on the town. We had originally planned to go to Stillwater for the day, but then after a coworker suggested an affordable but fancy restaurant with chandeliers + a fireplace we decided to do that instead and to lounge at home, do errands, and then go out for that romantic dinner… but then! another former coworker of mine at the theatre texted and said she could get us 2 free tickets to a comedy standup show at the Pantages. Obviously, Mr.C and I snapped up that opportunity and that’s how we ended up in downtown Mpls on Saturday night – we joked and said it was like the universe knew we didn’t have any solid plans for our anniversary!  

1st wedding anniversary, 2012

Before heading out though, Mr.C and I stopped by the mall to take a few pictures in the photobooth – a (now) anniversary tradition. I had surprised Mr.C by sneaking off to a local tailor to have my wedding dress altered to cocktail length so I could wear it on our first anniversary along with my wedding earrings + perfume (a gift from the Mr. on our big day). He loved the surprise and ended up wearing his tuxedo t-shirt to “match”!

downtown Mpls, bird fountain, shirtless unicyclist, Target toy aisle

After hamming it up for the cam (and grabbing from smoothies) we drove downtown, wandered around, and played in the Target toy aisle before spending the rest of the evening laughing, and sometimes cringing, at Nick Dipaolo’s standup. The show was okay, not very many people in attendance, and we actually ended up liking his opener, Joe List, better. With a radio show and a new tv show, Nick just seemed to be a bit over doing standup, add that to his specific sense of humor and sometimes racist jokes we just weren’t completely sold on his performance. But, for a free show, we can’t really complain! Thanks for hooking us up J! 

the beautiful pantages theater

After the show, Mr.C and I were both hungry for dinner and Mr.C, being the gentleman he is, said I could pick wherever I wanted to eat. Considering we were downtown he figured I’d want to stay there and enjoy the nightlife. But, it’s funny because, that’s just not my or really, our, scene. We don’t go out to the bars, or dance ‘til 2am, or go out to dinner at places with five forks and a special dessert spoon. We enjoy our nights in and afternoon movie matinees and while we appreciate a romantic, fancy night out – we are definitely more pizza and a beer people.  
So, Mr.C let loose a big laugh when I said that if it were up to me we’d go to Taco Bell. He said that when he tells friends/coworkers where we often celebrate special occasions, they also look at him in shock + horror and say “how can you make your wife go there!! She doesn’t actually want to do that!!”. Needless to say he’s thrilled now that he can use this experience to illustrate just how much I actually enjoy sliding into a booth and eating nachos, even for our wedding anniversary.
Besides serving damn good food (mmm, chicken quesadillas), TBell will always have a special place in my heart, as Mr.C and I went there often for dates during high school as it was a place with great, cheap food we liked and could afford. Call me sentimental…. 

me + mr.c all the way!

After a busy Saturday, we chilled out on Sunday – heading over to D’s house (a coworker/friend of Mr.C, you’ll remember him b/c he helped us move into our new apt) to hangout with he and his wife, R, watch the Vikings lose, eat lots of delicious chili, and play with D’s adorable 1 year old daughter, B. And of course the guys somehow talked us ladies into letting them play some video games too! It was the perfect end to our weekend, as football, chili, and crisp, sunny weather really made it feel like fall and brought back many good memories of our wonderful September wedding day. 

Sept 17, 2011 – photo courtesy of Elizabeth Albers Photography

Mr.C and I threw around a bunch of ideas of how to commemorate our 1 year wedding anniversary. We thought about getting tattoos, or going camping, getting a caricature made of us, just writing each other cards, and list went on and on. In the end we decided to keep it simple, not give gifts, and instead just enjoy our weekend together. Of course, I should know better by now, that Mr.C never follow the rules when it comes to special occasions….

mmmm, fruity!

This lovely “bouquet” arrived at work for me today! It’s an edible arrangement where the flowers are all made up of fruit – this one was a tropical version boasting a variety of melons, pineapple, strawberries and oranges, grapes, marshmallows with some even dipped in white chocolate and coconut shavings.  And to make it even sweeter  – Mr.C had them top it off with a “#1” carved out of pineapple. Oh and the little note that came with said:

“This card counts as paper part right?! Love, Ryan”

(for those who don’t know, paper is considered the traditional gift for the first anniversary.)

Haha, classic Mr.C! 

Love him. 

Sept 17, 2011 – photo courtesy of Elizabeth Albers Photography

What a fun anniversary weekend!

xo, meg

15 thoughts on “weekend review: anniversary edition

  1. I’ve been sitting on the computer WAITING for this post! :) I l-o-v-e how amazing your dress turned out! Was he excited?! Did he love it?! :)

    I’ve never seen y’alls pro wedding pictures before! They are lovely! :) You two look so incredibly happy. A special kind of happy, that we only get on our wedding days and perhaps on a few rare days throughout the courses of our lives – you know?

    Anywho, I’m glad y’all had a PERFECT anniversary that suited your relationship ~ that’s what it should be about! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! LOVE what you did with your dress. That’s a great idea. Mine’s just sitting in a box in the back of our closet (pretty sad and lonely).

    I never saw your wedding pictures until this post – so glad I did! Your wedding looked fantastic and you both look amazing & happy :)

    PS. That fruit basket is awesome!

    • Thanks Alison! :) I adore the dress – so happy I can wear it again. And who knows, maybe years from now in the it’ll end up in dress-up box for the future littles. I just really wanted to enjoy the dress – I know my kids will never want to wear it for their wedding, that’s no fun, they’ll want to pick out their own, and what am I going to do with 50 years from now?

      Glad you enjoyed the wedding photos – we cuddled up last night and glanced through them too. We had such a great time that day – can’t belive it’s been a year already.

      • That’s so true! My mom had her wedding dress and honestly, I didn’t want to to wear it. Puffy sleeves?! Oh the 80’s.

        I should do something with mine someday. Thanks for the inspiration :)

        • that would have made a good outfit for dress up…or halloween! :)

          you should definitely do something with yours there are tons of ideas out there – shorten it, make it into a baptism outfit for your kids, use the fabric for pillows, etc. have fun thinking up something special for your gown!

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