weekend review

This weekend was pretty good to us – we attended my company’s dinner+boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka (it was winding and a little cold, but way fun!, and the food and conversation was fantastic), did 4 loads of laundry, made puppy chow cheered on the Chicago Bears during Sunday football, watched many movies both together + apart (Freedom Writers, Süskind, Life Happens – to name a few), went to 3 estate sales (walked away empty handed but it’s always fun go on a treasure hunt), drooled while gobbling down Gina Marie’s deep dish cheese pizza, and finally framed the art prints we got this year for Christmas.

It was nice blend of busy + relaxed. Weekends are quite sacred in the Carty Haus now that I am full-time because our schedules are completely opposite. With me working 8-4:30pm and Mr.C gone from 12pm – 9:30/10:30pm, we are only awake + together about 15 minutes a day. So, we try to make an effort to really be present on our two days off, to get lots of “us” time, and have a good balance of fun + errands/chores. I swear it’s the only way to ward off the insanity of not really seeing each other for the next 5 days!

And since we’re always looking ahead to what the next weekend will hold, it is pleasing to see upcoming dates being penciled in with great activities (can you say Renaissance festival + turkey drumsticks the size of your arm?!), anniversary celebrations (we’ll be married 1 year next Monday!), and visits from friends and family (some of our best high school buds will be coming up soon as well as Mr.C’s dad+stepmama). Plenty of new adventures to be had….we can’t wait!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

xo, meg



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