weekend review


Hope you all had a lovely Labor Day!

Over the extended weekend Mr.C and I went swimming, ate fro-yo, stocked up on groceries, rearranged the living room, successfully rid our craigslist bedroom set of its musty smell thanks to some white vinegar + sunlight, whipped up pasta with a creamy white wine mushroom sauce, saw Lawless in theaters (quite good, a Prohibition drama, humorous but bloody), and tested out this yummy recipe for honey lime shrimp.

Overall, we had a fine time and hope you all did too!!

xo xo, Gossip Girl   meg

(haha yep, I’m almost to the end of season 5!! tv junkie 4 lyfe)

4 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. I have seriously fallen in love with FROYO since moving to the city! Van doesn’t like it, which makes me sad. But I’m obsessed. I had some for dinner tonight, haha! =)

    And Lawless was AMAZING. We saw it yesterday. It reminded me of home. :) The South Will Rise Again, my friend! ;)

    So glad y’all had a wonderful weekend!!

    • after WWII/40s, the Prohibition area is my fave and I loved Lawless even if I had to look away for some of the more gory bits. now I’ll just have to wait ’til Boardwalk Empire comes back to dive back into the world of bootleggers and rum runners. :) p.s. i’d totally have fro yo for dinner too! soooo good. it’s so fun to load it up with all the toppings you want and they always have lots of fruit!

      • Aw, the gory scenes didn’t bother my all that much in Lawless. Usually I look away, but I was okay this time around for some reason. I actually don’t know a whole lot about that era, I’ve always been WAY into WWII stuff. But I loved the movie last night, and might take a liking to that little piece of history. It really hit home with me…I still have family members who make moonshine and the such, so it’s cool to think about it being a family tradition…haha. I mean, there’s GOT to be a history there since the members of my family who make it were born in the 40’s.

        Oh, man. SO MANY CHOICES OF TOPPINGS. Mind = blown. Do y’all have SweetFrog out there? What’s your fav froyo place?

        • well you must watch Boardwalk Empire then and read The Girls of Murder City: Fame, Lust, and the Beautiful Killers who Inspired Chicago (if you like flappers and such). super cool that you know folks that make moonshine still!

          i don’t mind gun fights but the knifes and punching kicking….yuck lol

          our froyo place is Freeziacs. i’ve had pinkberry before too. and of course in the city there are tons of places we haven’t been yet!

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