Yesterday, Mr.C & I trekked over to the DMV in Chaska to take the knowledge exam so we could get our new MN driver’s licenses. After briefly studying over the weekend, we both passed with flying colors only missing a few answers each. I had a good laugh when we compared tests because we both had mini-heart attacks at the sample/practice question they gave us first: “What is the capital of Minnesota?” Ha! You’d think living here for a year that would roll off the tongue (for the record, I did know it was St.Paul.) But poor Mr.C said he was suddenly filled with dread that the test would include other Minnesota-specific questions. Thankfully it did not! And as an added bonus, since we still had valid licenses from another state we did not have to do a driving/behind the wheel test!

We were in and out of the DMV in an hour armed with our clipped IL licenses + yellow MN permit papers. We have to wait 4-6 weeks for the new licenses to be mailed to us – so cross your fingers that our photos will turn out well since we didn’t get to preview them (in Illinois they print your license right out while you wait).

Overall, the DMV was a pleasant experience – when we arrived there was a group of people sitting in lawn chairs waiting for it to open, some of them young, new drivers feverishly studying. Once inside, the line went quickly, the test was computerized, and they were even kind enough to let us pay the fee with the same check! The only downside was the one old crotchety DMV lady who was taking the pictures and basically said I had droopy right eye. Thanks a lot lady! I’ll be wearing an eye patch from now on!

Anyway, apart from that it was a breeze, now if only I could say the same for getting MN plates& registration but that’s a whole other mess we’re still working on (grumblegrumble, title transfers, grubby money hungry Illinois and their 6 week waiting period, grumblegrumble). Ha! Oh, the joys of being an adult!

Stay tuned next week for another episode of: Mr.C & Me Fail At Life: Attempting to Understand Health Insurance Part 1. …kidding, kidding! But seriously, insurance is a cruel mistress. Thankfully after many re-reads of the benefits+policy and lots of asking around, I think we finally have it figured out. (Winning!)

Happy Wednesday kiddies!

xo, meg


10 thoughts on “Vrrrrooomvrooom

  1. Hahahah! Why would you need to know the capitol to be considered a good driver?? That is so funny. I live in Hawaii but I’m keeping my Washington residence because my husband is in the military, 1/2 the reason I’m doing this is the DMV in WA I get in and out quickly and Hawaii is insane! Just can’t do it. haha Although, a pink driver’s license with a rainbow would be awesome.

    • haha well the capitol question was a practice one to get you used to the computer screen/testing process – but it sure did freak us out a bit. :) i totally understand about keeping your original license – but like you said a pink card with a rainbow would be pretty sweet!!

  2. I don’t understand having to wait for your license! In Louisiana, you get it immediately as well. I finally got mine last week, but before that, when I ordered a drink and tried to show them my LA idea with the corner snipped off, they asked to see “my papers”. I felt like an illegal immigrant!!

    • haha yeah, like I said in Illinois we always got it immediately too but not in grand ‘ol Minnesota. :) i’m just hoping it comes soon before I have to flash someone my papers.

  3. Yuck! Insurance is awful. We haven’t had to deal with health insurance yet (that will be next year), but we’re currently dealing with car insurance. Not too fun. Too much work. Too much money. Ugh..

    Woohoo for new licenses though!

    • yes ma’am! thankfully we have an amazing lady at State Farm who helped sort it all out for us and get some discounts. :) health insurance is a whole other mess though, lots of reading things you don’t quite understanding and hoping you pick the right one. lol

    • haha kinda! except we were a desk apart and it was all fancy on the computer. but yeah i was giggling the whole time about how high school it was. and i kept saying how glad i was we didn’t have to do the driving test and how i did’t have to do one the first time either – and Ryan was like what?! haha ‘cuz he had to drive!

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