Fill In The Blank Friday

Time for one of my favorite link-ups!

Thanks as always to Lauren, over at The Little Things We Do, for hosting!

1. My favorite thing to do on Friday is stay up late! knowing that i don’t have to get up the next day for work lets me indulge my inner night owl.

2. This Friday I am going to be super lame: take a walk, finish laundry, cook chicken for dinner, & watch GG while waiting ‘til Mr.C gets off work

3. The best thing about a weekend is the endless possibilities it brings. also, it provides ample time to be both lazy + active, lets me  spend 2 full days with my favorite guy, and we can’t forget about $5 morning movie matinees

4. Now that summer is almost over, I’m feeling like it went by too quickly! There’s a bunch of things we planned to do but never got around to like camping, canoeing, attending an auction, going to valley fair, road tripping to Duluth, and exploring+swimming in more lakes. ah, well, there’s always next year (…and later this fall!) J

5. The best thing I did this summer was have multiple “this is day is awesome!” experiences.

6. The thing I’m looking forward to about fall is everything! fall calls for game nights and bonfires, weekend festivals and football games, apple cider and crunchy walks through the leaves. it’s just the perfect season: warm enough that you want to be outside, playing, hiking, exploring (and sometimes even swimming), yet cool enough that you aren’t sweating profusely, get to pull out the jeans and sweatshirts, and can once again snuggle under a comforter at night.

7. If I had to be stuck in one season for the rest of my life, I would choose fall! (^see above!)

Have a grand weekend everyone!

xo, meg


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