Listening to the rain tap tap tappin’ on the window while also groovin’ to “Good Time” by Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen

Eating my favorite snack foods of late: blueberry muffins, asparagus, lime+salt popcorn, watermelon, + Brookside Dark Chocolate Goji Raspberry pieces – yum

Watching Gossip Girl…I’m hooked!

Laughing about the work email I got today addressing me as “Marty” because, clearly, Megan Carty = Marty. Ha!

Looking forward to celebrating 1 year of marriage with Mr.C on Sept. 17. Not sure what our plans are yet but I have been working on a little surprise for him which I’ll be sure to share with you all of course!

Hunting for that perfect fall cardigan and, oh yeah, my still-missing iPod (grumble, grumble)

Excited to attend RenFest, the MN State Fair, and my company’s dinner/boat cruise on Lake Minnetonka  

Wishing my silly eyes would get it together and quit being so dry!

Planning to organize my life a bit, start working out, and finally take the test to get my MN driver’s license

Dreaming of another trip to Hawaii – wouldn’t that be grand! 

Grateful for my friends who make plans to visit, entertain me with mid-work day emails, listen to ranting-bitch sessions, drool over yummy Pinterest recipes, and stay in touch even if we haven’t seen each other in over a year. Love you guys! 

Happy Wednesday yah’ll! What’s current with you?

xo, meg




2 thoughts on “currently

  1. CURRENTLY DROOLING over the idea of salty lime popcorn?! WHAT?! Oh em gee, Marty Cargan. ;) That just sounds amazing!

    And, I hear on the DL bid’ness. We’ve gotta bite that bullet soon, too. SIgh. But I don’t WANNA! haha

    • haha we’ve put ours off for a year now ooops! supposed to only wait 60 days. eeek! i’ll letcha know how it goes!

      uhm, yes salty lime popcorn is freakin’ delish. Marty Cargan recommended! Orville Redenbacher (sp?) makes it. so good! but you could DIY it too just sprinkle some lime juice and salt on your own. i’m sure there are recipes on the internetz too.

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