work it!

Feb. 2010, junior year of college, South Carolina, museum

Just a quick post today as I’ve got some news I’ve been meaning to share.

As you know, after the move, I ended my employment at the Brave New Workshop. I loved working at the theatre but it’s something I’ve been doing for on and off for years and I was kind of ready for a break; working nights and weekends definitely takes a toll on your social life and sleep schedule. Plus, the transportation would have been too much for the small amount of hours I could commit after taking my other job, as a candidate researcher/recruiter, into account.

But, since bidding farewell to BNW, the stars at my workplace have aligned and I will be starting full-time in September! I’ll be getting my own desk, phone, and, of course, more responsibility+projects. Along with all that (and the extra hours) comes more fun adult stuff like a 401K and comparing insurance. Ha! Anyway, I’m a big ‘ol buddle of nerves and excitement about it but definitely ready for the challenge.

First full-time “real” job…

here I come!

xo, meg

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