weekend review

Friday evening consisted of Gossip Girl, Gossip Girl, and oh yeah, more Gossip Girl. Thanks to Netflix I stayed up far too late having a marathon and by the end of the weekend I’d made it all the way to season 2. Eeek, such a naughty TV addict.

Saturday, Mr.C & I were up early to head into Minneapolis. We stopped by the bank to deposit the last of my theatre checks, had a brunch of bagels, and then headed to the old apartment to finish cleaning before our move-out inspection that afternoon. The inspection went well; the manager said she wouldn’t charge us (yay!) for the silly broken oven that spews brown goop all over the floor and that we’ll get our deposit back at the end of September.
After saying sayonara to our first apartment in the big city, we drove over to N’s apartment to check out the new digs and hangout with her + B. We ended up road tripping to Eagan, stopping by a liquor store + butcher sho), and swinging by to say hello to B’s cat CousCous nicknamed Cous (or for those who are deaf like me, I thought its name was Goose). After that we headed back to Mpls, had dinner at a nearby pizza join, Leaning Tower of Pizza, and played Euchre, 500 “Euchre”, and Mario Party before calling it a night.
Sunday, Mr.C & I were up early yet again but this time it was to head to Richfield to retrieve our (first ever) Craigslist buy. After the not-having-any-place-for-visiting-people-to-sleep fiasco, we decided we needed to invest in real bed or at least another futon. Luckily, last week, I found an entire Mid-Century Modern (think Mad Men) bedroom set for sale for only $140! The set is walnut, in good condition, and includes the bed, dresser, and bedside table. Being obsessed with Mid-Century Modern style of furniture, I immediately fell in love and worked hard to convince Mr.C that we needed it.
So at noon, we headed over to check it out and it was as described but with a few bonuses. The gentleman selling it told us he had a practically new mattress set in another room if we wanted to swap out the older one that was currently on the bed for no extra cost. Uh, yes please! Then for an extra $40 he said as long as we loaded everything, he’d deliver it to the apt. for us. Hurray! Loading it was easier said than done as the set was located in a guest room in the upstairs of a tiny house with the narrowest doorways and tiny, steep stairs. But we managed to get everything down and loaded in 40 minutes. (Side note: Mama, the house was like our old house, with the curved ceilings + narrow/steep stairs but, and I laughed about this the entire time, the downstairs bathroom wall tile was the same pink as what used to be in your current bathroom, AND, the upstairs bathroom had the exact floor tile as your current bathroom, same pattern and everything, only in yellows! Ha!)
Anyway, after a thorough cleaning, we welcomed our Craigslist bedroom set to its new home. Our futon, that has served as a bed for the past year has now been moved to the living room and is ready to serve its original purpose of full-time couch with occasional guest bed duties. 

As you can guess, after all that moving Mr.C and I were pretty worn out so we whipped up some pork chops for linner (lunch+dinner, it was like 3pm) and just relaxed for the rest of the day; I watched more Gossip Girl and Mr.C played video games and worked on his Fantasy Football lineup. Speaking of – guess who woke up at 6am to head into work early just so he could attend his company’s Fantasy Football draft? Haha, oh Mr.C.

So there you have it – our busy but fun weekend. Hope you all had a great one! 

xo, meg


6 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. I’ve always been too afraid to purchase anything off of Craigslist, but your picks look great! :) PLUS, a better matres than what y’all were expecting. How cool.

    You should give us an apt tour once y’all get all settled! :)

    • thanks! yeah, craigslist can be really hit or miss. and if you aren’t buying a large item it’s always a good idea to meet in a neutral place. people can be creeps.

      lol anyway, once we get all unpacked and settled i’ll definitely be giving a full, detailed tour!

  2. I have also become addicted to GOSSIP GIRL! I blame Netflix. They have now made it so easy to watch like 10 episodes in a row with that new feature that says “The next episode of [show name here] will begin in 10…9…8…7…” Then I have to seriously find the will-power to hit the “Back to Browsing” button or that silly red X at the top. But it’s so easy to just sit and watch!

    I also did this with the show Teen Wolf… I’m a sucker for the silly teen-soap dramas. Wahhh wahhhh.

    • haha i know right?!! damn you netflix. i probably watch a few episodes of GG a night thanks to the automation forwarding to next episode thing. where are you at in GG? I just started the 4th season! (ha! toldja i was addicted). sadly, I’ll have to find the 5th season else where on the internetz and of course the 6th (final) season should be starting up again soon.

      • I’m only on the first season. I’ve heard that the narration stops at some point… I’m not sure I’m going to like that. I like the narrative voice. I mean the title of the show is GOSSIP girl for heaven sake. So why would they get rid of that?? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.
        P.S. Every time I see “GG” I think “Gilmore Girls” first and have to remind myself that’s not right. Haha.

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