friday fill-ins

trying out a new meme this friday courtesy of Janet

1. When does Mad Men return? Anyone know? I’ve already got Grey’s Anatomy, Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead, and Parenthood on the calendar. Ahh, I love fall! Not only does it mean jeans weather + crunchy leaves, but also the return of my favorite shows.

 2. Where the heck is my iPod?! Seriously, it’s been MIA for a week now and I’ve searched everywhere. Oh, dear iPod, please come back to me – the lack of music in my life is just getting downright depressing.

 3. How in the world did it get to be the middle of August already? Time is just flying by! And in one month the Mr. and I will be celebrating 1 year of marriage. Wowza.

 4. Why can’t the DMV be open on Saturdays for people to take the written driving test?! So frustrating.

 5. Time warp? Oh yeah…lets do the Time Warp agaaaaaaain! ♫ ♪

6. What if periods never had to happen? I’d been down with that. They’re annoying. #ladyweekproblems

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to snuggling in my bed and having a Netflix Gossip Girl marathon, tomorrow my plans include going to the bank, doing a final cleanup in our old apartment + turning over the keys, and meeting up with N & B to hangout,  and Sunday, I want to spend the day relaxing and hopefully checking out a potential Craiglist furniture buy!

Hope you all have a great weekend! Enjoy this gorgeous weather.

xo, meg


9 thoughts on “friday fill-ins

    • haha i couldn’t agree more! :)

      this might the last year i watch the office though since all my favorites are slowly leaving. sad day. have you ever watched commuity?! so good!!

      • That’s true.. but as long as Dwight, Jim, and a few others are there I’m fine. I’ll stick it out for awhile until no one good is left. I haven’t watched Community yet. I probably should! I wonder if it’s on Netflix…

        • no community on netflix yet! (but arrested development is! so hilarious!). oh and i just found out that this next season of the office, season 9, will be its last!

          • AH! So sad!! It better end well. Oh my goodness. Haha. Thanks for the news. Also, I’ve seen arrested development and it is very funny. We just haven’t gotten too far into it yet. We’ll get there :) We’re currently on a That 70’s Show kick right now.

  1. Mad Men probably won’t return until next May/June. They only run that show in the summer. Wahh wahhh. But I agree. I love fall. The weather, the shows, the atmosphere. It’s a great time! :)

    • aw, bust! I’ve only been watching Mad Men online so I had no idea when it actually aired. Sad day.. ah well at least Boardwalk Empire will be returning in a week or two. :)

      yes, huzzah for fall! love it.

      hope all is well with you!

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