first week + family visit

The last week has been a whirlwind. Between packing up the old apartment, moving into the new one,and juggling work while settling in – it’s been crazy – but somehow we managed to keep our sanity (barely) and enjoy a visit from my family.

Rolling in late Wednesday afternoon, after battling obnoxious summer road construction, my mom + grandma celebrated their first visit to our new place with a home-cooked meal and trip to Ikea. Mom and I whipped up a yummy dinner of chicken with wine/mushroom/cream sauce, ravioli stuffed with gouda and asparagus, and side of green beans. After fighting our way out of a food coma – we jumped in the car and made a mad dash through IKEA before closing time (mom was on the search for rugs for her living room).

I had the day off on Thursday and although we had originally planned on going swimming – the chilly but gorgeous 60 deg. weather kept us from the water. So instead, we kidnapped Mr.C before work, and ate breakfast at Bruegger’s. I branched out and got lox on my usual bagel order – oo la la. After we parted from Mr.C, we wandered through the Mall, checked out a few furniture stores, hit up a thrift shop, and grabbed croissants+quiche from a local bakery and pie from Baker’s Square to take home for lunch. While grandma napped, mom and I ran over to Home Depot quick to check out their rug selection – even though mom was pretty set on the ones she liked at IKEA. Upon returning home we ate a light dinner before traveling to downtown Minneapolis to attend Brave New Workshop’s fall election review show, “Rainbow Election: Mommies and Mormons and Gays, Oh My!”. It was an absolute riot!!! If you’re in the Mpls/St.Paul area you have to go check it out! And if you comment below or send me an email – I’ll reply with a coupon code that will get you half price tickets! Only $12.50 per ticket for a night of comedy fun – and did I mention they have 3 full bars? Yeah, you want to get in on this one for sure!

Friday was chock full of adventure. The plan was for mom+grandma to return to Ikea for the rugs (which they did) and for me to go to work (which I did) and then for us meet up for lunch. Crazily enough, we all collided at my workplace at 11am but for very different reasons. Mom and grandma had come to check out the office and perhaps get lunch early, while I was running out the door to drive Mr.C to the doctor. The night before his eyes had been bothering him (stinging, sore, achy, and sensitive to light) and in the morning they had gotten worse. He thought he could tough it out but could barely keep his eyes open for longer than a minute. So, off to the doctor we went! I took a half day from work, grandma stayed at the apartment with snacks and a good book, while Mom accompanied Mr.C and I to urgent care (no other doc’s could fit us in). After a couple hours at the urgent care in Chanhassen – they managed to squeeze in an appointment for us with an eye doctor over in St. Louis Park to confirm their thoughts that his unhappy+painful eye situation was due to a contacts irritation that caused his cornea to become inflamed and angry. And thankfully, that turned out to be what it was, and could be treated with antibiotic eye drops. Yay! After waiting a bit more at the pharmacy, we were finally on our way home by 4pm. Whew! What a day! We had planned a grand Friday night dinner of steak and baked potatoes and other yummy goodness – but with none of us except grandma having eaten all day – we were too starved to cook. So we piled in the car and went on a food spree at the mall. Pizza + asian noodles + bourbon chicken. Not healthy – but oh so tasty to our empty, grumbling tums.

Deciding to stay in for the night, we headed back to the apartment and played Rumikub until bed time. Ahhhh, bed time. Ha! Not quite as restful as one might think. During my family’s visit we ended up playing a few rounds of musical beds. Since we don’t really have any extra furniture and my mom+grandma were staying at the apt. with us, we had settled then on air mattresses while we slept on our usual futon-bed. Well our old air mattress was not at all kind to my gma and kept leaking air and sliding around and yeah, it was just not working. So Mr.C & I ended up sleeping on it instead. With the nights getting cooler and the mattress having split a seam or two – our deflated lumpy bed both brought us flashbacks of childhood camping trips gone bad. Ha! With more family and friends wanting to come up to visit – Craigslist has become my new BFF as we hope to score some new furnishings for our lil ‘ol place.

On Saturday we bid adieu to the family as they headed back to Illinois. Mr.C and I decided to take it easy, relax around the house, make a quick run to Costco, and later, once his eyes were feeling much better (eye drops = miracle treatment!), catch a movie – we saw “Hope Springs” with Meryl Streep and enjoyed it even though it wasn’t quite what we expected. Upon returning home, we whipped up our first “real” meal together in our new apartment (bacon wrapped steak, potatoes, and green beans) which we ate by candlelight as is tradition. It was amazing & tasty!

Move In Day – September 2012                                                           Move In Day – August 2011

Sunday we decided to continue our movie streak and went to the 11am showing of “The Campaign” with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis – it was hilarious! – tons of great lines and infamous, awkward/random Ferrell comedy. Right on target for election season. After lunch we attempted to test out furniture/ compare prices around the area but after making it as far as the non-existent (at least we couldn’t find it…) Big Lots in St. Louis Park (after following the GPS to two other home stores that did not exists either!) we finally gave up and just went home.  Dinner was cheesy, tuna casserole with a side of “Lie to Me” – ha! surprise, surprise – we’re hooked on yet another Netflix series.

So, there you have it, a lengthy review of our quite eventful week!

xo, meg


2 thoughts on “first week + family visit

  1. you’ll be sad to know that lie to me only made 2 seasons, and according to a good friend of mine who loved the first season…the second sux :)

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