Moving Weekend Recap

After moving to Eden Prairie last weekend we are almost all settled in to our lovely new abode. We are obsessed with the apartment – with the wall “skylight”, multiple closets, patio, great shower pressure, large fridge, high ceilings, leafy, wooded surroundings – with everything! We absolutely feel at home here. It is relaxing and wonderful.

And, speaking of wonderful – the moving process was a dream and we managed to fit a lot of fun into a weekend that we previously thought was going to be tiring, frustrating, and full.  

Last Saturday was the big day and we were up early. Mr.C picked up the U-Haul we’d rented while I did a bit of last minute packing. Then Mr.C’s friend and coworker, D, arrived at about 9 am and that’s when things kicked into high gear. In a mere 3 hours (3hours!!!), Mr.C and D had cleared out the old apt, loaded everything in the U-Haul, transported it all over to Eden Prairie, moved us in there, came back to Minneapolis, and returned the U-Haul, all by 12 pm! I was so impressed, and appreciative, of the guys for doing all the moving, especially since it allowed me to a) not lift anything! and b) clean up our dirty old apartment so we wouldn’t have to later.  Yep, it was the smoothest move ever!

Being done so far ahead of schedule, allowed us an afternoon of relaxation. After a lunch of Chipotle, the guys cracked open a few beers and played video games while I rocked out to Green Day and unpacked a few boxes. Nearing dinner time we connected with our other friends, N & B, who decided to come over to hangout, play beer pong, and spend the night. It was a lot of fun and a great first night celebration in our new place.

Sunday morning found us at Perkins for a breakfast double date with our slumber party buddies, N & B. Mr.C’s coworker D did not end up spending the night as he has a sweet baby + wife to get home to. After consuming lots of bacon, we bid farewell to our friends and made a quick stop at Costco for groceries before zipping over to the Mall of America to meet up with some friends from back home in Illinois. C, her husband J, and twin sister B, were up in the Minneapolis for a family reunion and invited us to grab dinner with them while they were in town. After wandering the Mall for a bit, we caught up over dinner at Cadillac Ranch. The meal was delicious and I enjoyed a penne pasta dish with blackened chicken, baby mushrooms, and parmesan tossed in a creamy mixed cheese sauce and topped with truffle oil. Yumyum. Anyway, the meet-up was nice + a complete success, but sadly Mr.C and I ducked out early as we both had to work Monday and were a bit exhausted from our somewhat unexpectedly busy weekend.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for….the first pictures of our new place! I’ll do a real apartment tour once we’ve fully settled in and it’s all furnished + fancied it up but for now, enjoy a few snapshots I grabbed on move-in day:

*click image to enlarge

wall “skylight” with sliding deck door beneath, decent bathroom, empty bedroom, kitchen counter, sink, high ceilings + second sliding deck door

Mr.C & friend, D., set up the most important thing first obviously – video games. Fridge stocked with beer and pizza – moving day musts! Gotta feed the helpers.

We’re glad to be in our new place and even happier to be done with the moving process!

xo, meg


5 thoughts on “Moving Weekend Recap

  1. I am so jealous of y’all’s moving weekend. Ours was incredibly hectic and miserable, and I can’t even blog about because it would insult the inlaws! =(

    On a happier note, y’all’s new place looks so awesome! I know you’ll turn the house into a home soon. :) And I love the cuby-shelf-thing y’all have the tv on! I never would have thought of that as a tv stand, but I love, love, love it! :)

    • aw, sorry about your crazy move!! i’m sure our next one will be like that. give yourself a break though – you were major downsizing :) p.s. we looove our tv stand. we have the same cubby thing in our bedroom too for clothes/bookshelf. you can have ’em long like ours or put on the other side for a tall bookshelf. ikea baby, that’s where it’s at! these things are so versatile.

  2. Awesome! Love the new place. I’m glad it went well for you guys (and fast!). Having some nice, young men around really helps on moving days, haha! Can’t wait until we get the full tour :) Congrats again!

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