Return of the Meg-i (ha…star wars…ha…nerd…)

A month from today, Mr.C & I will celebrate one whole year of Minneapolis living.

As you know, we recently signed a lease for a new apartment in Eden Prairie, so for friends + family who’ve enjoyed visiting, we’ll definitely be here until August 2013 (& probably well beyond!). And, although we will now be 17 miles from downtown Minneapolis, we’re looking forward to getting to know the Twin Cities even more and branching out to explore the rest of the state as well. So, Land of 10,000 Lakes, it’s lookin’ like you’re stuck with us. Oh ya, you betcha!

And, apparently it was meant to be all along – because, upon our last visit home, my sweet mama gifted me the photograph you see below with the following caption:

“Your first baby steps were in a park in Minneapolis. Now your young adult leaps and bounds are there!”

Clearly, my return to the North Star State was inevitable. :)

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m off to continue packing -gah, what a long process!

xoxo, meg


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