weekend review

Hellohello. :)

  This weekend was pretty chill and typical.

Friday night Mr.C was home from work earlier than usual so we spent some time together and even made a quick trip to the store for cookie dough and frozen meals to get us through this final week before the move. Okay, okay, so the cookie dough wasn’t necessary for our survival but it was too delicious to pass up. Although – we ended up not even baking it because our oven is still acting up and releasing its gooey black sludgey revenge all over the kitchen floor. So, we decided to nibble on straight dough rather than anger the oven gods further.

Saturday we did errands, grabbed bagels, and cursed at the weekend construction + obnoxious 494 West closings as we finally, in a very roundabout way, got over to Eden Prairie to pay rent on our new place. Since it had taken so much effort to reach EP, we decided to hangout awhile before making the long, congested trek back. We ended up wandering the Mall, eating lunch (yum, Leeann Chin’s bourbon chicken is the best), finding Mr.C a pair of shorts on sale with extremely deep pockets (the only kind he’ll wear!), selling a few old necklace chains for scrap (we got $21 yah’ll!), and dropping my engagement ring off at the jewelers to get resized. I haven’t worn it in many, many months so I’m excited to get that little gem back on my finger; especially with our 1 year wedding anniversary coming up soon (time has really been flying lately!). After much gallivanting, we headed back into the city so I could head to work at the BNW and Mr.C could tackle the laundry + have some quality time with his new video game.

Sunday was our designated packing day but before we started Mr.C got his haircut and we grabbed brunch at Sun Street Breads on 46th & Nicollet (photos above). It’s a nice place with sweet, friendly faces, good food, scrumptious pastries, an umbrella’d patio, and cool ambiance – the kitchen is in plain view so you can see their large baking operation at work. Mr.C felt right at home with his favorite breakfast good, biscuits+gravy, while I chowed down a swiss grilled cheese sandwich on their homemade bread with a side of fresh cut of homemade fries. We split a fountain coke and had “crusher” cookie for dessert. I know what you’re thinking “but didn’t they gorge on cookie dough all Friday night?! What chubs!….” Haha yes, yes we did & yes we are, but who can pass up an opportunity to try a chocolate chip cookie with bits of pretzels and toffee/caramel? Not the Cartys….

After brunch, we headed back to the apartment to wash & pack dishes, clear out under the bed, pack up the rest of the clothes, and watch a little tv. Of course, nothing we ever decide to do in our apartment goes as planned – so at around 9:30pm I hear water running in our bathroom. Thinking it was just the toilet I went in to check and found water pouring into our bathtub thanks to an overflowing window well. It was not raining out so we figured it had to be coming from our upstairs neighbors or a busted wall pipe in the wall. Thankfully it stopped after about 5 minutes, with the water eventually disappearing down either the brick wall outside or our bathtub drain, with some lucky droplets soaking into the window well (yum… rotty, wet wood). Our manager’s been keeping us up to date but they haven’t found the cause of our surprise waterfall yet. Ha! Needless to say we cannot wait to be rid of this hellhole.

5 days people, 5 days!

 Hope all of your weekends were wonderful!!


2 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. Wow. I LOVE your new look. I seriously just spent about 5 minutes scrolling up and down staring at the balloons. One part moves and the other stays still. It’s pretty cool.

    You’re almost there! 5 days! Hang in there :) We had a similar problem in our bathroom almost 2 months after we moved in here! Crazy. I can’t wait until we can live in our own place, but that will be awhile.

    PS. I could eat cookie dough anytime. Sometimes, no wait, everytime I devour the bowl with my fingers after I bake cookies. SO GOOD!

    • thank you! i have a major crush on the blog theme – wordpress enlists some pretty good designers. :) haha i’m the same way about cookies…and brownies for that matter! too delicious.

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