an update of sorts

i know this next week and a half is going to zoom by in a blur the size of texas. staying true to my not-so-secret-anymore inner procrastinator, i have left myself with a mere 9 days to pack up our entire apartment + give it a scrub down that would turn even the dirtiest little piggie into a prize-winning blue ribbon sow. and no, i have no idea where all my down south, country fair references are coming from. chalk it up to the 95 deg. weather we’ve been having.

anyway, that’s the excitement going on around here. we’ve been attempting to eat through all the food in the cupboards and keeping our fridge contents at a bare minimum. sure, that sometimes means we end up with Chipotle for dinner on occasion. but who’s complaining? certainly not us! (nomnom black beans + chicken, can-ya-say sour cream?! mmm mm). besides, with this move + “fresh start” prompting us to change a few things, we’ve committed to eating out only 3x a month so byebye Chipotle hello megan’s fumbling attempts to create edible dishes that mr.c will not only eat but enjoy. ha! i fully accept this ridiculous challenge… (as well as many others, as you’ll remember from my birthday post).

and, as always, you can count on this blog to document all of the grand adventures +  mr.c & i will surely have as we trade in the City for Suburbia.

for those of you who have been following since the beginning, thank you!, and for those of you who are new to this craziness, welcome! – we are glad to have you.

so, stay tuned because over the course of this next month you’ll see us acquire our second Minnesota address, take a trip or two to Costco, explore new lakes, entertain visiting family members, hold a possible housewarming party, say farewell to my career at the Brave New Workshop, hit up the State Fair, and much much more.

 catchya back here soon.

✌ + ❤ pals!



6 thoughts on “an update of sorts

  1. Crazy times! Good luck with the move. I hope it’s super un-stressful. If that’s possible. I remember moving out of our place months ago and it was crazy. Definitely waited for a long time to clean the place. And we ate pretty uninteresting foods as well because of the we-gotta-eat-all-of-our-food-before-we-move scare. Anyways, welcome back from vacation and best wishes on moving and exploring new places!

    • Aug 23, 2012 – Sep 3, 2012(labor day) – it’s funny because I was just going to email you and say if you, matty + cory or whoever wanted to come up and visit Mr.C & I have that Labor Day Monday off :)

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