☼ back from vacation

It’s hard to believe we were gone for 5 days. It feels like forever since I’ve been at work and even longer since I’ve slept in my own bed or seen the city skyline. And yet, as I attempt to recall them, the last 5 days seems to flash past me at warp speed. I know they happened. I have the sand in my suitcase and ice cream drips on my pants to prove it. We packed so much into each and every day, sucking as much life out of each moment – savoring sweet baby kisses, wind whipped hair from rolled down car windows, water melon and fresh homemade bread, that warm Mississippi breeze, and of course many late night laughs with family and friends alike. Yet, as I sit here, sweaty in my apartment, with nasty brown goo seeping out from under the oven (yeah…it leaked again!), and a whole lotta clothes and dishes to pack before the move – it’s almost as if our mid-summer getaway was a dream. A lovely, whirlwind dream….

Wednesday –

Mr.C & I woke up early, grabbed Bruegger’s bagels to go, and hit the road. 6 hours and 2 states later, we finally arrive in Hometown, Illinois at 2:30 pm. Historic homes and brick streets await us. Not a traffic light in sight. We play the “spot the first person you know” game. Turned out to be some kid many years younger than us, think he played football. Anyway, once we got there we made the rounds – first to my GMA’s, then my mom’s, and finally Mr.C’s house. We happened to arrive at the same time as Mr.C’s brother, wife, and baby (our new, adorable niece!). Beating the heat indoors, we all chatted as homemade pizza baked away in the oven. Around 7pm, Mr.C and I walked out his backdoor, across the small alley, and over to Dairy Queen to meet our buddies, many of whom I’ve known since kindergarten. After an hour or so of ice cream and conversation, we moved our loud mouths over to Sievert’s, a local pizza place, for drinks and appetizers. Ha! Yes, we take our meals a little backward apparently. From Sievert’s we went to my house to finish off the evening with a few more drinks and a lot more laughs.

Thursday – 

We went out on the Mississippi River with Mr.C’s family + friends. It was a lot of fun! We rode the boats over to Sabula Beach and swam/played for a few hours. It was so refreshing and I finally got a little sun. For dinner, we went back to Mr.C’s to chill + cookout.

Friday –

Mr.C & I split up and spent the day alone with our respective families. Mr.C’s family spent the day relaxing before going out for dinner at Manny’s. I tagged along with my mom and gma to Lake Louise near Byron where we spent most of the afternoon lounging and enjoying the water. After the lake, we headed back, picked up my brother, and went downtown to eat at Charlie’s. The pizza was delicious! Mr.C & I met up later and capped off our night with more ice cream from DQ and a few rounds of Apples to Apples with his family.

Saturday – 

Mr.C, my mom, and I zipped down to Clinton, IA to make a drop off at Goodwill, shop a little, and eat delicious food at La Feria. Mr.C & I used to eat at La Feria allll the time when we lived at home. They have great chicken quesadillas and mouth-watering queso dip. After lunch, we went back home – mom to hear garden, Mr.C to his house, and me to my gma’s to chat and play Boggle (I love that game!). Later that afternoon a few of us drove back to Clinton to watch the newest Batman movie. I thought it was really good – exciting, with a great soundtrack, and Anne Hathaway was killer as Cat Woman. After the movies, Mr.C and I had a fabulous dinner with his family and played “What Would You Do If…” well into the night.

Sunday –

We had brunch with Mr.C’s family where afterwards my sister-in-law & I were surprised with a mini birthday party. We both have July birthdays and were sweetly gifted cool cakes, cupcakes, and gifties. It was nice! Then at about 1pm, after visiting with my mom+gma again, we packed up the car, said our goodbyes, and hit the road. By 7pm we were back in the ‘ol North Star State!

So, there you have it, our hometown visit recap.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

P.S. My apologies for the lack of pictures but my camera is pretty much on its last legs. Not only does it not zoom in anymore but the shutter release button is sporadic as well. All pictures in this post are courtesy of Google images.


13 thoughts on “☼ back from vacation

      • The only place it’s been published is in the good ‘ole Savanna Times. So, unless you’ve got a subscription…don’t feel bad you didn’t know. It’s a sad day because the new designs suck! It’ll never be as cool as the blue bridge with the holes in it….

    • i think there must be a simpler way to do it but since i’m not on blogger nor have i purchased custom design etc all i did was add image widgets to the side bar. you have the images link to a website. so i uploaded images of each icon and when clicked they link to the coordinating website. i hope that makes sense…

  1. ohhhhhhhhh CRAP!! i just saw your comment on my blog. and realized i forgot about the meet up. HOW PATHETIC!!! ok, i have to make a point to go to the next one! what a bummer. glad to meet you though new blogger friend:)

    • haha no worries, i know of a few of others (myself included) we were unable to make it at the last minute due to work + other obligations. i have sworn i’ll do whatever it takes to attend the next one though. :) nice to meet you too. (p.s. pretty sure i have a crush on your first name. i mean, how gorgeous is “samara”?! haha i’m sort of a self-proclaimed name nerd.)

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