weekend review

Mr.C and I really packed it in again this weekend! Friday night was a quiet one for me as I just relaxed after work with a few movies. Mr.C on the other hand went out after work to BDubs for wings & beer with a coworker.

Saturday morning we were up + out early since someone was coming to view the apartment so after running our usual errands we just stayed out – popping into the local U-Haul store to reserve a moving truck (less than 3 weeks and we’ll be in our new place!),  stopping by The Four Firkins (a huge beer store with hundreds of different kinds from all over the world) to explore, picking up fresh on-sale fruit and ingredients for pad thai from Whole Foods (and also nom-noming our way around the store – free samples?! Yes please!), and taste testing ice cream flavors at Ben & Jerry’s before heading home for lunch. Mr.C and I watched a few episodes of The League before I headed off to my Saturday night shift at the BNW. For those who don’t know, The League is a hilarious show about a group of guys in Chicago who play on a fantasy football league together. And since you all know how into sports I am (ha!) you know it must be pretty funny for me to continue watching it.

Sunday was another big day out for us as we planned to go to the beach. While I made PB&Js and gathered our swim stuff Mr.C researched local beaches. In the end he settled on Shady Oak Beach in Minnetonka, which isn’t exactly “local” when you consider how close we are to Calhoun Beach, but he figured it looked like a nice one and we wanted to get out of the city for a bit anyway. The weather was gorgeous, sunny and warm (in the mid-90s) and the water was perfect. We were there about 3 hours, arriving around noon – and the beach did not get crowded until later in the afternoon. Shady Oak Beach hosts a grassy hill to lounge on, or of course the sandy beach, bathrooms & a concessions stand, plus a dock you can swim out to – complete with a diving board and high dive. It’s $6/ea to get in but well worth it in our opinion. Next time we’ll probably hit up a free beach – but for our first time out this summer we felt this was perfect for us.

We left the beach around 2:30pm with the intention to head home for a shower, possible nap, before dinner. Instead, as we waited in traffic on our way back to the apartment, we spotted Costco and decided to ditch the jam & check it out. Costco is wholesale warehouse with furniture, electronics, and groceries. After talking with some people at the theatre who recommended it – I had mentioned to Mr.C that we might want to look into a membership ($55/yr) at Costco – seeing as how there is one in Eden Prairie and with said membership you get a nice discount on fuel at their gas station. We fill up the car about once a week so add that savings to the fact that we’ll also be able to pick up grocery items at a discount and in bulk (which is great for Mr.C the cereal monster! They have his V-8 juice too) we thought it’d be worth investigating. We grabbed a free guest pass and toured the store. They had a plethora of free samples to be had which made Mr.C very happy! (So, although we have sort of made up our minds about Costco already – what are you opinions about it? Do any of you have memberships?)

After snacking our way through Costco, we decided to head over to Mall of America so I could use a gift card I got for my birthday. Along the way I snatched up $2.80/ea camisoles at Forever 21 (whatta steal!) and a bracelet/bangle in the shape of an arrow for $3 that I am now obsessed with. We also had a coupon for Cinnabon so we indulged in somecinnamon-icing goodness before finally heading home where we watched another few episodes of the League while sucking down the rest of the watermelon we’d bought only the day before. (P.S. this melon was huge and yes, Mr.C consumed half of it despite his “I don’t like watermelon, remember?” speech from a few weeks ago. )

Needless to say, all the sun and adventuring sent us to bed early last night.  Successful weekend? ☑

Hope you all had a great one!

2 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. Y’all’s city life together is just fascinating. :) I love it! I should seriously be taking notes, so that Van and I can live like y’all do once we are city-mice. :)

    On Costco…in college, I had a roommate that worked in the pharmacy of Wal-Mart, so she got a free Sam’s Club membership and I was able to to get a card under her account as well since we lived together. It was lovely, and is pretty much the same things as Costco…or so I thought. My grandma, who used to be a Sam’s Club Gal, has recently conversed to Costco and is pretty obsessed. I’ve never been, but I hear it’s amazing. I think it would be great for y’all! =)

    • yeah, i think we might buy a membership and “test” it out for a year and see if it is actually beneficial for our family or not.

      and definitely take notes! check the local newspapers or citypages for all the events in Charlotte. since we work during the week we try to find stuff to do on the weekends to really make the most of our time off!

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