weekend review

This weekend was definitely a good one – we packed a lot of living in! The theatre was dark all whole week so I didn’t have to work Saturday night.

Mr.C and I spent a quiet Friday night in watching tv and relaxing.

Then on Saturday we headed out to Chanhassen to visit with K. and S., two of Mr.C’s friends from Luther College (he attended there his freshman year). We chatted, brunched on bagels, played games on the Wii, and, towards the end of the night, got antsy and headed over to Canterbury Park to catch a horse race. Since we went so late in the day we only saw one race but it was fun, and afterwards they let kids run on track which was equally entertaining. Mr.C bet a few bucks on a horse called “Not a Cheap Date” which we thought was hilarious, but it came in third place so no monies for us. We plan to go back sometime to spend the day and get the full experience – on occasion they do specialty races including wiener dogs, camels, and ostriches!

On Sunday we got together with N., yet another friend from Luther College, for left-over bagels and a movie. We saw Snow White & The Huntsman, which was good, much better than Mirror, Mirror – and I especially liked the special effects + soundtrack. IN other news, N. is actually moving into an apartment about 10 blocks from our current one in August. How is that for timing! As soon as she gets closer we get farther away. But, it was fun to chat about apt. hunting and we schemed about grand housewarming parties and weekend trips to the city so I think I can confidently say that this fall is going to be a great one!

To round out our Sunday Mr.C and I took our reusable bags (a gift from Mr.C for my birthday) to Aldi’s for groceries. Then we hit up El Paraiso for the first time – a local Mexican restaurant down the street from our apartment. I know what you’re thinking – “oh, so, now they go explore the neighborhood, right before they plan to move?!” – uh, yes, haha. Sometimes we do things backwards! Anyway, it was pretty tasty + we got chicken quesadillas, but sadly they did not have any queso dip on the menu (our main reason for getting Mexican mostly!), and you only get one complimentary chips&salsa app., to which Mr.C remarked “well, that’s the city for ya!”.  I feel a visit to La Feria is in order when we go back to visit the family next week. That place is cheap, delicious, and when we lived nearby we frequented it so often that the servers knew our order.  Ahhh, good times! :)

Anyway, how was your weekend?


4 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. Ahh! LOVE the horse’s name. And I bet it would be super cool to watch an exotic-animal-race. Sounds fun! :) Y’all have Aldi’s, too?! We had one in the city we lived in before – and it was pretty dumpy, but I shopped there a good bit. We will be living near a REALLY big & nice Aldi’s once we move, though. So excited! But anyway..I was thinking that Aldi’s was a southern store for some reason. Rekon not. :)

    • the horses all had a fabulous names! Mr.C is really excited to go spend a full day there sometime soon.

      and nope, Aldi’s, is not a southern thing – although Belk is :) I’ve been to nice Aldi’s and super dumpy Aldi’s. This one is inbetween, the prices are right but it’s always busy, the only have two cashiers, and if you arrive later in the week or even day the fruit is usually bruised (and sometimes moldy -ew). But if you get a nice Aldi’s it is so worth it. They have the best sales on produce + delicious frozen aspargus and green beans.

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