sweat, steaks, + sparklers

hope you all had a wonderful holiday! mr.c & I both had the day off work so we wanted to squeeze as much “us” time in as possible. although later that night we did laugh about how funny a concept that is because when you live in a studio apartment you get a lot of “us” time whether you want it or not, and with no kids on the scene, every dinner out is a date. but, with responsibilities and distractions around every corner, it is nice to intentionally carve out a bit of couple time even though from the outside looking in it appears that that is all we do, which i understand. but that’s the cool thing about newlywed life i think. right now, every day, it’s just the two us. doing what we want, when we want, enjoying our freedom, and the chance to truly immerse ourselves in coupledom.

because there is just something special about looking across the couch at someone and knowing that you are both thinking the same thing.

like, yesterday for instance, when our brainwaves synced up and produced: “this apartment is a freakin’ oven, sweat is cropping up in my elbow crease, i’m getting crabby, and if we don’t escape soon i may go all donner party in death valley on your behind….fro-yo anyone?”

so, we hopped in the car and hit up the Mall of America for some Freeziac’s frozen yogurt. you pick the yogurt flavor (everything from fruity strawberry and pomegranate, to rich & delicious like chocolate, cheese cake, vanilla, and cake batter), add the toppings you’d like (berries, cookies, nuts, you name it), then savor every bite! yumyumYUM, especially on day when, with the heat index, it is 110 degrees + super humid. uhm, yeah.

needless to say we spent the majority of our 4th of July indoors escaping the heat.

we wandered the mall + Ikea, watched tv at home in front of the fan (pawn stars for the mr., boardwalk empire for me) , declared that it was so hot that being naked was even naked enough, took multiple cold showers, got all fancied up + went out to dinner at Outback (mr.c surprised me with this hot date for my birthday!), and watched fireworks explode over the Minneapolis skyline as we drove home since we were too wimpy to sit out at 10pm, in 91 degree weather, with mosquitoes as big as birds just waiting to attack.

ha! so overall, i’d say it was successful 4th albeit a pretty nontraditional one for us. we definitely missed lunching with the families, watching the parade, staking our claim on the perfect firework-watching spot hours before they are set to go off, meeting up with old friends, sipping on porch punch, and staying up long after the fireworks have faded, chatting and reminiscing in the backyard around the bonfire. because as much as we enjoy being a two-some, we enjoy it even more when we can be a two-some with the rest of you!! ….very much looking forward to our visit back to the grand ol’ land of Lincoln later this month!

and with that, i’m off to start packing, both for the trip + the big move – the countdown is on and in 20+ days we’ll be moving in to our new abode!

have a good weekend folks!


6 thoughts on “sweat, steaks, + sparklers

  1. I think one of the things I’m most excited about experiencing as part of city-livin’ is the FRO-YO that everyone keeps talking about! :) Haha. Glad y’all had a good 4th and YAY for you having a happy birthday!

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