Although usually the word “resolution”has caused me to roll my eyes in the past, the idea of making birthday resolutions is starting to grow on me.I mean, don’t you think they make much more sense than New Year’s resolutions because your birthday marks the start of an entirely new year, or a new chapter if you will, of your life?

With a new age comes new goals, new dreams, and new adventures.

Besides, it just feels right to be reflective on your birthday.

After all so much has gone down in the past three hundred & sixty-five days.

For me, especially, this last year has been a big one. 22 was definitely the Year of Transition.

I graduated from college, set my sights on graduate school, chose to deviate from my usual summer job at the local theatre to work instead at a YWCA children’s summer camp, had grand adventures with dear friends + family, moved over 300 miles away where I grew up to make Minneapolis my new home, created this blog, started and then dropped out of the aforementioned grad school, married Mr.C -my best friend + partner in crime, spent a month or so unemployed and playing housewife, honeymooned in beautiful Hawaii, found a job as a part time usher/box office agent at a comedy theater, celebrated 8 years of relationship bliss, spent Christmas just the two of us – making new holiday traditions, explored, thrifted, and ate my way through a portion of Mpls-St.Paul, added another job as a candidate researcher for a staffing firm, spent a week in New Orleans with my bestie, signed a lease for Mr.C & I’s next apartment that we have dubbed our “first”, real, grown up apartment (if you’ve seen our tiny studio apt, you know why!), conquered my anxieties about public transportation, developed a bad Chipotle addiction (& don’t get me started on Bruegger’s Bagels), and of course made friends along the way!


So, with 23 spread out in front of me all bright and shiny and full of possibility, I cannot help but be excited. I want to make this next year a really good one – worthy of following the Year of Transition.

I feel as though I am finally finding my footing.

I have navigated this first year of adulthood, complete with disappointment + triumph, and come out the other side with the power of experience and the scary but invigorating sensation that comes with independence, with trading in a town of less than 2,000 for a big ‘ol city, with separation from family and friends, and with the end of that familiar routine of measuring years by a school calendar.

I feel grounded yet free at the same time if that is even possible. I feel a stronger sense of self and awareness this year than I have in the past.

And most exciting of all, I have a vision of how I want this next year to be and I believe I actually have the motivation and tools to get there. After all, I am now 23, a college grad, happy in my marriage, in a city I’m learning to love, working a job I am learning to be excited about, and soon moving to a place with grass and trees, and a bedroom one can be proud of.

I can think of no better time than now to make sweeping declarations and resolutions about the coming year and about continuing to find my “voice” on this blog, being a better friend to my husband, keeping a much cleaner and organized household, eating healthier, working out on the regular, getting back to doing the things I love like reading, crafting, & painting, “unplugging” more often + having less screen time, doing chores during the week to free up the weekends for playtime and spontaneity, and over all trying to live more simply so that I can live more fully.

In staying true to myself, I know my realism will keep my optimism in check, but without a doubt, I can feel the tides a’turning. Change is definitely in the air. Twenty-three here I come!

… now, bring me that horizon!

(hehe…what’s a birthday without a little johnny d)


19 thoughts on “23

  1. Yay! Good luck! I am sure you have a countdown to when you get to move into the new apartment. Can’t be here soon enough can it?

  2. I too roll my eyes at resolutions usually – to me there is just something about the word ‘resolutions’ – I like goals myself :)

    You have been through a year of transition — excited to see what this year will bring for you!

    ps. What day is your birthday? I was thinking tomorrow for some reason…

    • exactly!! i so agree with you. goals are much better, flexible. i feel like resolution is so permanent sounding and easy to break. goals you can make work with your life. :) i dunno…. anyway, i’m so excited for this next year too. oh, and my birthday’s today! july2nd

  3. The reason we don’t keep our resolutions is because we never tell anyone about them. Accountability is key. We’ll keep you on track! ;)

  4. Happy Birthday! Your past year sounds a lot like mine. I’ve never really been a fan of resolutions and that’s probably because I don’t remember them for too long. I do like your unplugging resolution though. You just feel so much better after being unplugged for a whole day or more. (Although I do also enjoy a good couch potato day)

    • haha same here! i never make resolutions either b/c i also prefer to have low expectations. if i don’t make resolutions i can’t break ’em right? lol – anyway, i loooove being a couch potato, too much so sometimes. but i want to be unplugged more often, spend more time with the husband :)

  5. All that you have accomplished together in such a short time is mind boggling if you truly think about it! I am completely confident you’ll do all you set out to and more. Your happiness is a true reward for me as a parent. Love & miss you on your day (yesterday) and always – See you soon

  6. This post was so beautifully written. It makes perfect sense to start resolutions on your own new year instead of on everyone else’s. PLUS, all of your goals are wonderful. I def need to work on some of those things myself. I’m glad you had such a great year – best wishes in the one(s) to come!

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