weekend review

this weekend we…

☛ ran the usual errands and got bagels

☛ spent Saturday afternoon at Pinz for Mr.C’s work party. Almost all the guys (& their families) from the warehouse were there and we spent several hours chatting, eating tacos, bowling three games (i got 150 on my first game!), and playing laser tag (which i’d never done before but was super fun!)

☛ attended closing night of Occupy Arden Hills show at BNW. it was a great last show, Mr.C enjoyed it, and as always the after show improv was hysterical! we had a blast! it was a little bittersweet as it was one of the cast member’s (Ellie) final show with BNW for a while (she’s headed off to college) but the goodbye party was nice!

☛ avoided the heat Sunday by going to the theater to see the movie “Ted”. it had some funny moments but for the most part was pretty lame.

☛ indulged in lunch and pie (french silk + fresh strawberry cream cheese) at Baker’s Square to celebrate my birthday (it’s tomorrow…)

☛ scored some cheap globe string lights in Target’s clearance section, cannot wait to deck out our new apt!

☛ got groceries then spent the rest of Sunday doing laundry, lounging in front of the fan attempting to cool down, and watching Battle Royale (the Japanese thriller that is similar to the Hunger Games)

what did you all do this weekend? :)


5 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. Aw, no. I was worried that Ted might be a little lame. It looked funny, but then how funny could it actually be, you know? Anyway..I’m still sad that it wasn’t all you thought it was going to be.

    Happy Birthday!! =)

    • oh it’s all good. it was more Mr.C that wanted to go. i just figured it’d be a bit funnier – but still held my attention and was the perfect way to spend a hot afternoon!

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