weekend review

this weekend we…

☛ ran the usual errands and got bagels

☛ hit up 3 estate sales + 1 thrift store we’d never been to (ARC Value Village)

☛ brought home some booty including: 2 new shirts and a dress for me, a plush footstool for the mr., 2 wood stools for the eat-in kitchen counter in our new apt, a gorgeous tribal/triangle plate, glass bowls, white dry erase board, and a funky mini-grocery cart we thought would be fun for kitchen to store fruit/snacks/silverware/etc

☛ participated in our usual Saturday night ritual – me going to the BNW for work, mr.c playing video games

☛ celebrated mr.c (& the rest of the second shift workers) getting at $.65/hr raise! hurray! they also asked mr.c if he wanted a bit more responsibility at work – so now he is one of 4 people in charge of this “hot phone” where clients can call in to the warehouse to make changes to the orders they’ve placed. so that’s cool!

☛ went to the movies and saw Pixar’s new film – Brave. we both agreed it was good but that it was a little too “Disney” and was basically a combo of a bunch of other movies they’ve already made (ie: How To Train Your Dragon). it was also a bit darker than the Pixar norm. So, while it was still a good movie, it wasn’t what i’d expect to see from Pixar and not, in my opinion, up to “Pixar quality”.

☛ after the movie we rounded out the weekend by double teaming the pile of dishes in the kitchen and eating a delicious Sunday dinner of chicken-gouda-apple sausage, sweet potato fries, corn on the cob, green beans, and, finally, brownies with caramel sauce

Hope you all had a great weekend and an even better week!

I sort of can’t believe that next Wednesday is the 4th of July already. This summer is flyin’!


2 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. Nice finds!! That little grocery cart is awesome. Storing fruit/whatever in there in the kitchen is such a cool idea. I need to find myself one of those…

    PS. My husband and I could eat sweet potato fries everyday. Oh my.

    • thanks! yeah, we thought the cart was quirky and would be fun for just about anything. :) p.s. i’m pretty sure i could eat any kinda potato everyday lol (but i don’t!)

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