wearing my hair in a super high, super messy bun (or birds nest if you prefer) because after getting back from the theatre an hour later than usual last night + being up early to head to the office – i had zero energy to tame the beast this morning. on a side note: i only have 16 more early mornings like this ’til we move to our new apt. where i will then be able to revel in the glory of heading out the door at 7:45am to be at the office by 8!

excited about (maybe) going to an estate sale tomorrow. a church is relocated and they’ve got a building worth of stuff to sell and some of it is cheap (they had posted photos and i zooomed in to snoop the prices!). when i asked Mr.C if we could go he said “We’ll see…” ha! maybe he’s practicing to torture our future littles but either way i’m sure we’ll be going (especially since later that night he said his favorite catch phrase “you know what i always say…what my baby wants, my baby gets”… hint: i’m baby! and, yeah, i’m pretty lucky!)

loves that Mr.C insists i wake him up every morning before i leave so he can kiss me goodbye. reason #392 that he’s nicer than i am. disturb me when i’m sleeping and will kill you no matter who you are. you’ve been warned.

reflecting on life. you’ll see a post about it soon i’m sure. my birthday is coming up in ten (ten!) days and so i’ve been thinking a lot about this past year.

diggin’ my new sea-foam green loafers with fringe. slip ’em on and even if you’re only going to work or the grocery store it feels adventerous because you are now Tiger-Lily, trolling the forest, escaping from pirates, and looking stylish while doing it!

craving Vitale Joe’s pizza from Clinton, IA. deep-deep chicago style amazingness on a plate, inches of gooey cheese and pizza sauce. (get in my belly!)

anticipating this weekend! we have hot date plans to see pixar’s new film, Brave, and might be meeting up with Mr.C’s coworkers to attend a festival in south St.Paul. plus Louie Anderson will be performing at BNW tomorrow night so that’s always fun. and it’s also Pride Weekend in Mpls so the streets will be buzzing and beautiful, all decked out in rainbow!

so, what’s current with you all? any fun plans for the weekend?


6 thoughts on “currently

  1. I LOVE estate sales! There is a place here that gets estate sales stuff donated to them and it’s a thrifter’s heaven! I need to get some loafers, too. They sound too awesome not to have. I hope Brave is good!! You’ll have to let me know. I love Pixar movies.

    • pixar rocks – i’ve loved everything they’ve made. and the shorts?! classic. :) yeah, my coworker said she bought her shoes at – super cheap, and you can usually find dicount codes too. they’ve got tons of loafer options. i love ’em cuz they’re fun, but you can still wear them to work and things!

  2. Those sounds like great weekend plans! I’m going mini-golfing with a friend if the weather stays nice and the zoo on Sunday with some girlfriends. I’m excited to see Brave – have a wonderful time!

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