weekend review

this weekend we…

☛ slept in

☛ ran errands

☛ got an oil change, new serpentine belt + air filter

☛ went on a Bruegger’s bagel run

☛ walked away like bandits from Aldi – can you say 99 cent 16oz fresh strawberries, $1.50 pint blueberries, cheap watermelons – yum

☛ scored matching bedside tables at Savers (like Goodwill) for $30 – plan to paint them and maybe switch the knobs

☛ went to work (me), played lots of video games (mr.c)

☛ attended the final day of an estate sale (everything was 50% off) – picked up Calendar Girls movie, Land Girls series, and 8 adorable cloth napkins of varying strawberry patterns– all for $4

☛ spontaneously stumbled on the Stone Arch Bridge Festival – a free outdoor gathering in St. Anthony Main with 250 artists, three stages, family art park, Father’s Day car show, and a food market. the event takes place along the Mississippi river.

☛ got rained on (as you a can see from the darkening sky in the images above)

☛ indulged in Izzy’s Ice Cream in St.Paul – freshly made ice cream, with over 30 different flavors available (flavors change daily), each treat comes with a free “izzy”, a mini-scoop of another flavor popped on top for an ice cream cocktail. i got chocolate + peppermint bon bon while mr.c went with oreo + salted caramel (but he also taste tested dinosaur egg, midnight snack, and irish moxie!)

 ☛ are now cuddled up at home enjoying our 9 month wedding anniversary + watching Pawn Stars on Netflix

hope you all had a great weekend too!


5 thoughts on “weekend review

  1. Wasn’t Izzy’s delish? I had really wanted to checkout the Stone Arch Bridge Festival but I was so busy last weekend I did not get a chance! I love the Stone Arch area of Minneapolis it is so beautiful!

    • izzy’s was delish! i was also told to check out another ice cream place… crema’s maybe? that sounds sorta right haha the stone arch bridge fest was fun, and i agree – gorgeous area! looking forward to more upcoming fests this summer – perks of livin’ in a city

    • adore Aldi’s! :) any products you recommend? i obsess over their frozen asparagus, long string green beans, and peaches – they get me through the winter!

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