movin’ on up

well it’s official.

last friday we got the call and by saturday afternoon she was ours!

that’s right, we signed the lease on our new apartment and couldn’t be happier.

it is a decent place in Eden Prairie, MN – approx. 20 min from downtown Mpls and a mere 10 min walk(!) from my new workplace.

the apartment complex is on the edge of a golf course with a pool and small workout center.

it is surrounded by trees and grass which we love coming from the concrete city.

(click images to enlarge)

we have a quiet corner unit in a building that you have to cross a quiant wood bridge to reach (pictured below).

it sorta makes us feel like we live in a treehouse or summer camp cabin.

anyway, it’s a 1 bedroom, with a small deck, fairly new applicances, and all utilities (heat, water, etc) are included (except for electric+internet).

 we’ll finally have room to stretch out, relax, entertain, be in separate rooms if we want, and of course there’s plenty of space for friends to crash on the floor if they decide to visit (ha! hint hint…).

so you can visiual it – the living room/dining room is as large as our entire -current- studio apt (eeks) and as a tease you can get a peek of our kitchen + eat-in counter in the image below.

we’ll move in the weekend after August 1st and could not be more excited!!

the apartement complex is minutes away from multiple lakes, grocery stores, the mall + movie theatre, bus station, and local library.

so, yeah…we’re pretty much in love…

have a great weekend everyone!

9 thoughts on “movin’ on up

  1. Wow, Meg, it looks super nice! I can only imagine how PUMPED you must be right now. :) It has a gym and a pool..I’m a little jealous. And the eat-in-bar-window thing is too precious. I’m so happy for y’all ~ you deserve it! =)

    • aw thanks! :) yep, we survived our first year in a cramped studio (but it’s ok as that is a must have life experience) and now we’re movin’ on up to our first *real *apt. we’re stoked!

  2. How exciting!! The kitchen and dinning layout looks to be the same as Ray’s in his apartment in Peoria. His is 5 steps from the lake instead of a golf course though.

  3. That’s awesome!! Congratulations! I love all those trees and the cute bridge. That pool doesn’t look too bad either ;)

    I’m glad you guys found a place, and a cute one too. Enjoy it (once August 1st comes around)!

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