thoughts on things vol. 2

:: on Star Wars ::

it rocks. plain and simple. and i’m obviously talking about the original episodes IV, V, and VI – not the other three who shall not be named featuring the obnoxious Jar Jar Stinks. i’ve seen the movies multiple times, plan to watch them again sometime next week, own many of the action figures, and fully intend on raising my future children as little Warsies (ha! is that even a thing?!). there’s just something so amazing about the series that i find it difficult to understand how someone could not love it! anyway, it should come as no suprise then when i tell you today when Star Wars soundtrack medley shuffled through on my ipod on my walk to work that i marched the heck outta that crosswalk with my invisible Vader cape fluttering behind me. forget the alliance, the Dark Side’s where it’s at!

:: on chocolate ::

complete and utter infatuation with this creamy dark heaven. if -and that’s super hard!- if i had to pick a favorite kind of chocolate i’d have to go with chili chocolate, chocolate with sea salt, or something with carmel or fruit filling. oops, i just drooled on the keyboard a little. ha! i also like chocolate that speaks to me. like today, a coworker at my new job gave me one of those Dove candies with the messages on the foil and it whispered to me “you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be”. oh chocolate you know me too well. tantalize my taste buds and alleviate my fears and anxieties about the uncertainty of life.

:: on good friends ::

they are around when you need them. support you always but call you out on your shit too. make you laugh, let you cry, and don’t mind rehashing the same silly stories + memories year after year after year. despite the miles between you and the months you’ve spent apart, you see them again and pick up right where you left off like nothing has changed. they understand your past, are excited for your future, and love you no matter what. (love you guys!!)

:: on being a 20-something::

with my birthday coming up next month, getting into the swing of things at the new job, signing a lease for our new place (more deets on that tomorow) – it’s a time of reflection for sure. and i’ve been trying to formulate a post about this, but have struggled to come up with the right words. so imagine my surprise when the very next day i find this post in my google reader. granted i’m in a much better mood about things right now but every once and awhile you sit back and think “wtf”. being a 20-something is bizarre. it’s a constant pendulum that swings from loving life, being grateful, acting crazy+young, with new opportunites at every turn, and excitement in the air to feeling stuck, lost, confused, with no direction and the days turning to dust before your very eyes.  anyway, Amy’s post over at Vanagon Champion really expressed what i was trying to say and in a sense spoke for this entire generation. i highly recommend reading her thoughts.

:: on Noah and The Whale + Of Monsters and Men ::

where have you been all my life?! been listening to  “Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down” album and “My Head Is An Animal” all week on repeat and i don’t think that’ll be changing any time soon.  Fell in love with”Rocks and Daggers” but now majorly crushing on “Lakehouse” and the rest of the CDs are stellar too. every year i seem to find a new album to adore. a few years ago it was Vampire Weekend, followed by The Temper Trap, and now, just my luck!, two — Noah and The Whale + Of Monsters and Men. p.s. if you haven’t heard them i urge you to give’ em a try!

:: on air conditioning ::

it is swell until you have to leave it and you step outside and choak on the thick, hot humid air which has lately been wreaking havoc not only on my poor frizzy hair but also on my sanity. the thing i really hate is being hot and sweaty. with the cold you can always put on more clothes to get comfortable but with the heat, once you’re naked you’ve played all your cards amiright? anyway, with my current bus commute/walking situation with work my life looks like this: walking up in AC apartment heaven > sticky gross walk to bus > AC on the bus (yay!) > even hotter walk to work > arrive like a sweaty frizz ball to work , cool off in the bathroom so no one has to witness this mess > relax and work in the refridgerator that is my cubicle > end of day, head out into the heat to start my travels back home. wash, rinse, repeat for rest of week. pure insanity. cannot wait until i get to be closer to my workplace. but i have been trying to reign in the bellyaching when i had a flashback to being a freshman in college, in my roasty toasty dorm room in August with only a small fan to fight to heat, writing a 10 page paper due the next day with sweat dripping down the back of my knees. ew. ew. ew. poor little freshman megan.

so, enough about me!!

what are your :: thoughts :: today?


6 thoughts on “thoughts on things vol. 2

  1. Where are you moving to? Can’t wait to find out more details tomorrow! Also Goodwill Outlet doesn’t have any furniture, only clothes, shoes, bags, some belts, some towels, I mean there is a whole bunch of random stuff there! Let me know if you ever want to go together :)

    • uhm, heck yes i want to go together! :) i keep looking for beside tables at every goodwill, no luck so far, but i figured i’d ask. we are moving to….you’ll have to find out tomorrow haha!

  2. Ditto to the gross humidity; yesterday I wore flip flops and my feet immediately started sweating so I almost fell right over since it was so slippery. Gross right?

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Haha! I love you for loving Star Wars. I want my kids to be Ewoks for Halloween! So adorable and awesome. Have you seen The People vs. George Lucas? It was actually pretty funny/good.

    I wish it was warm over here. Although I do agree with you about being cold rather than hot. It’s been in the 60’s all the time. We’re supposed to hit 70 tomorrow! Woohoo! Oh, the Pacific Northwest.

    • yes yes yes to kids being Ewoks! aww…esp. that adorable baby Ewok in the movie! …and obviously Princess Leia is the ultimate female character – love me some Carrie Fisher! – i have not seen The People v.s. George Lucas but i most definitely will after work today.

      in other news…it’s supposed to hit 86 today with more thunderstorms, and 89 on monday! :) i’ll trade ya all that for your 60s.

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