dreaming about moving out of this hellhole august 1st..hopefully…cross your fingers. we put our application in for a decent place (think quiet corner unit, one bedroom, small deck, fairly new appliances, on edge of a golf course, pool, workout center, and 15min walk to work for me) a few days ago and are waiting to hear back. in other news, our stove/oven at the current apt. decided to spew dark brown liquid out of the bottom of it. our apt manager+maintenance’s response? oh these old stoves do that, would you like to borrow some cleaning supplies?! wth…

planning something-but-i-don’t-know-what fun for this weekend. i work sat. but sunday is wiiiide open. go swimming at a the lake? hit up a movie? concert in the park? hangout with friends? who knows.

looking forward to the return of one of our favorite shows to watch as a couple: Burn Notice. oh, Michael Weston it’s been too long!

watching all of my tv regular shows go off on break. so sad. although sunday nights still make me smile with The Big C. fabulous show! and the finale of Mad Men coming up in a few days as well.

remembering the events of last weekend: we enjoyed some lovely weather, i worked, then we went out to fondue for a graduation celebration with Mr.C’s cousins+uncle, and went to our local laundromat for the first time to wash practically everything we owned.

enjoying (still!!) taking surveys online for money. yep, actual money. $3 a survey and they send you a check. super easy, about 20mins a survey. and they are currently accepting new survey-takers. it is rare they have any openings so if you are interested go sign up today!!

obsessing over side tables. yep, my first purchase when we move to a new place is bedside tables. i am so over my cardboard box.

drooling chocolate yogurt covered raisins and avocado-turkey-provolone toasted sandwiches

inhaling the lemony goodness of a homemade face mask

crushing on all the fun fashion options for summer. now if only i had some $ to blow.

loving that you all still stop by to check in on this blog even when i’ve been bad about keeping up with my posts! love you guys + i promise to be a little better!


what’s current with you guys? :)

5 thoughts on “currently

    • haha it was gross! at least we didn’t have a gas leak or something though – you never know with these older apartments. but yes, we are happy to be out of here and on to someplace where we can actually open the windows and have sink deep enough for more than 2 plates…..

      check out the survey thing! it’s super simple to sign up and it’s LEGIT. i think i’ve made $20 so far. they will send you a $3 check immediately after you’ve taken the survey (or you can get it up in a paypal account). pretty rad.

  1. I’m hoping you get out of that place! Doesn’t sound like fun :(
    Also, what did you use to make a face mask? I’m in the market for a good homemade face mask!

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