↺throwback thursday

The year was 2009.

It was the fall semester of my junior year and I was studying at the University of Rhode Island (with my good friend Kt) as part of a National Student Exchange program.

The following is an excerpt from the journal I kept during that time.

Oct 22: Kt took me to the most beautiful place in the world- Beavertail Park, in Jamestown, Rhode Island.

There is a lighthouse in the park and the park is at the tip of the island between Kingston and Newport (which you get to by bridge). You can stand at the point and look out at the ocean and it seems like the horizon goes forever.

The ocean waves crash upon the cliffs and the shore and you are surrounded by the water on three sides. The day we went was extremely windy but the afternoon sun glistened off the water so it didn’t even matter. Seagulls swoop overhead, and you can climb down the shale and granite rock cliffs to little coves and caves.

It would be the closest thing to heaven on earth…if you believe in that sort of thing. Once you overcome the natural beauty and euphoria of being in such a place, you begin to feel like you are on the set of some pirate movie.

Ahoy matey….

Absolutely amazing.

6 thoughts on “↺throwback thursday

    • thanks! i stumbled on these old photos and my journal and thought a flashback post would be perfect. with my next trip/adventure coming up it’s nice to look back and get in the spirit of things! :)

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