weekend recap

after a slight fever on Thursday evening, Friday knocked me on my ass and I spent all day in bed. thanks to a hot water bottle, some meds (that Mr.C forced upon me!), many popsicles, and hours of much need rest, I was able to rally for my BNW shift on Saturday night. work went smoothly and I was able to get out on time (yay!).

Mr.C says – “Here comes the airplane!”

not wanting to waste another day, Sunday was filled to the brim with Melting Pot for lunch (thanks to a coupon we scored for *free* cheese fondue!), a stop off at Goodwill (I needed some shorts for the New Orleans trip), and groceries.

hope all of you had great weekends!


8 thoughts on “weekend recap

    • Becca! You absolutley must go sometime. Sign up on their website and they’ll send you coupons and stuff for anniversaries+birthdays. Or just swing by with some friends for dessert (it’s approx. $16 for a chocolate fondue for 2-3). And thanks for the alert about the minnesota blogger blog – I’ll definitely be checking that out!

  1. B, I can’t believe you actually took meds or that you were sick! Glad you are feeling better. PS have a blast in New Orleans!

  2. That sounds pretty darn amazing if you ask me…it definitely began with the potential of being disastrous but I love how you turned it around.

  3. MMMMMMMMMMMM Melting Pot is a favorite of ours! We have figured that we can afford to go once every four months. & when we go, we go all out! =)) LOVE their…everything. Haha!

    • it’s so delicious! :) and even not too bad $-wise, that is if you only get cheese+chocolate. coupons help too. but yes, it is quite a treat!

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