Fill In The Blank Friday

Time for one of my favorite link-ups!

Thanks as always to Lauren, over at The Little Things We Do, for hosting!

1.  My bedtime routine includes, taking out the ‘ol contacts, doing a final check of email/fb/blog, putting on my jimmyjams, and turning on my little bedside fan

2.  I am not feeling too well today…ugh….

3.  I can’t stand people who hang up the phone without saying goodbye or thank you because it’s kinda rude + awkward. like at work, they call up ask a question then just hang up. what the heck…

4. My idea of relaxation would be floating in the ocean or on a blanket under a shady tree reading a book

5. If I had an extra $50, I would put it towards a new digital camera or a fun-filled day with the Mr.

6. The best thing about a bloggy friend is you can “nerd out” about blogging together + the goings-on in the blogosphere. plus they know the ups+downs of your life and are usually funny, encouraging, and oh so sweet. often blogfriends become real friends – and that’s just pretty darn cool.

7.  A recipe I’ve been dying to try is Mr.C’s grandmother’s Chicken & Noodles recipe – it’s on the fridge right now but I have yet to attempt it (homemade noodles – eeks!).

Happy Friday all!


4 thoughts on “Fill In The Blank Friday

  1. When I was younger I always would watch tv shows and movies and notice that they almost never said good-bye before hanging up the phone…and I thought, “Oh, that would never happen in real life.” I guess it does and I agree, it’s rude.

    • and it’s so weird too – i mean why would you just hang up? haha i’ve never understood. my other favorite is when people call up and you say hello+your name and all you hear is them talking to their friends, then a minute later they are like “oh hi! yes, i had a question/and or want to make a reservation…”….dumb….

  2. Haha, I love the comment above mine! I thought the SAME THING about tv shows. I’m sorry people are rude to ya, Meg.

    Homemade noodles are a hard job! I made chicken & dumplings for the first time last night. Dumplings = clumps of biscuit batter. Shh…don’t tell my lazy secret! :)

    • thanks lady! :)

      haha i’ve made chix&dumplings like that too – with the biscuits. it’s good but not my favorite. a little too “bready” for me. i’ve made homemade noodles with my gma once before but it was kinda a fail lol i’m definitely game to try again!

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