dreaming of new apartments, puppies, and in unit washer/dryers, and plants, lots and lots of plants on window sills

planning fun things to do & see in NOLA – only a week+few days away from N’awlins adventures with my lady E

looking forward to visiting with family+friends on the weekends “bookending” my trip

watching Mad Men…episode after episode after episode – cannot get enough!

enjoying taking surveys online for money. yep, actually money. $3 a survey and they send you a check. only made $9 so far but still – how fun!

obsessing over fresh green beans, i could eat them every single day (and practically have been this week!)

drooling over modcloth dress + other summery frocks, fancy dslr cameras, and intricate tattoos

inhaling freshly picked lilac fumes

crushing on my freshened up blog design (even though the background color looks completely different on what computer you’re on! how bothersome…)

loving how green and lush everything is. all the late night thunderstorms, and downtown Mpls with its pop-up shops full of flowers and farmer’s market goodies

wishing the best of luck and congratulations to friends finishing up finals and/or graduating!


what’s current with you guys? :)


thanks for commenting!

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