Fill In The Blank Friday

Time for one of my favorite link-ups!

Thanks as always to Lauren, over at The Little Things We Do, for hosting!

1.  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is,  visit the ‘ol water closet and then hop on my computer to perform the daily ritual of checking facebook-gmail-work email-blogs/google reader. if I don’t read or do something to get my mind working in the morning I’d probably fall right back asleep.

2.   I can hardly wait for the trip to New Orleans with E! only 2 more weeks can you believe it?!

3.  The quickest way to my heart is through food + a good game  because a good game night with delicious food and great friends is one of my favorite things.

4. A little known fact about me is that during elementary school I went to our school speech therapist to work on my r’s.

5. The best part about my job is (at the theatre) is I get to do what I do best (box office!),  talk to a lot of people, hang out with my fun co-workers, and see a lot of great comedy+improv. love it! 

6. Something I just couldn’t live without is music.

7.  Something useful that I wish I knew how to do is sew. I’m always having to ask others to take in my dresses or hem my pants because…ya know, (insert comments about short-knome-like figure here). Plus my friends who can sew are always whipping up cute tops, skirts, bags, or things for their houses. It’s just a practical skill I wish I had. However, yours truly is going to attempt to hem her own pants sometime next week (after I get a needle+thread) so you can look forward to that!

Have a great weekend everyone!


2 thoughts on “Fill In The Blank Friday

  1. I should have picked your answer to “what could I not live without”. I definitely couldn’t live without music. I also wish I could sew better. I’m still a newb.

    • i’m whatever is below a newb when it comes to sewing. i prefer using ducktape and safety pins lol and seriously – music is the soundtrack to my life, i am constantly listening to something.

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