this post intro could start out two ways.

one with me explaining how i’ve been using my personal laptop for work and decided to clean it up by deleting old documents, music, and pictures to make more room. in clearing my space i clear my head.

the alternative beginning would be that ever since i was young i’ve had note pads and scraps of paper on which i jot down inspiration, to-do lists, book titles to read, products to try, etc. sure, they are supposed to be remind me over the next day or week to act on them but more often than not, a new note is placed atop the old one, soon they pile up, and months later while cleaning my room i’d stumble upon a jumble of scribbled notes that for the most part have become irrelevant.

when first bought my mac i was thrilled by the dashboard feature because it was so easy to access and aside from housing the temperature, calendar, calculator, package delivery alerts, among many other gadgets it also had a sticky note application and you better believe i used it.

it’s just too simple – you press that dashboard key and you jot down that you need to buy lemons at the store, call your manager to ask for a day off, or the name of that new tv show you want to watch later. and the best part? thanks to technology – you get unlimited stickies. un-freakin’-limited. it’s a note-writer’s heaven.

cut to a three years later…

ahh, old habits truly do die hard.

some of those stickies go 7 stacks back.

dentist appt. from 2 years ago? err…. reminder to start watching Mad Men? uhm, i just started that…yesterday. coupon code for Target? expired, 6 months ago. train times for NYC? from junior year of  college. 

lesson learned. sure, it’s fun to go back and relive these old memories or uncover that song i forgot about but really – this is just organization gone bad. sticky notes anonymous anyone?

so although this will be seem ironic…

Note to Self: go through your notes and go through them often. or else. love, me. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!


2 thoughts on ““stickies”

  1. haha, I’ m the same way with wanting to have my computer organized. =) I don’t do s tickies…I have a day planner that is busting at the seems with notes, to-dos, and reminders =)

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