weekend recap

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I wanted to slip in and post about our activities as of late – ya know…before a busy work week sweeps me away yet again. I promise I’m working on balancing everything so I can get back to posting (or at least attempting to post) more “meaty” pieces throughout the week (instead of ✰mixtape fluff).


Friday Night

♒ came home happy from work. after a slow start my work week ended on a good note as I finally found a good candidate for an open position + was told that another candidate I referred has an interview this coming week. yay for progress!!

♒ super proud of Mr.C as Friday marked the last day in the Biggest Loser Get Healthy competition at his workplace. After 3mo he lost 19lbs, 3.5% body fat, and an inch of his waist. Way to go Mr.C!!!

♒ the Mr. and I enjoyed a peaceful night in with lemonade and laughs. We sat back and caught up on The Office and Community while sucking down some delicious strawberry lemonade smoothies courtesy of this recipe from Delightfully Tacky.

Basically you throw a can of frozen lemonade in a blender, add 1 can of water, some ice cubes, and slightly thawed (frozen) strawberries. blend it up and sip your cares away!

Saturday Morning

♒ at 5:50am we were hurried outside to stand in the cold and chat with our neighbors thanks to the fire alarm going off in our building. thankfully it was false alarm! but we did find out we’ll have many more to look forward to due to a faulty alarm system that goes off a lot during the summer months. hurray. …it’s like college dorm livin’ all over again!

♒ while getting ready for the day, I was attacked by Mr.C’s birthday present – a little remote control helicopter. Putting on mascara while a whirring machine tries to use your head as a landing pad is certainly an interesting start to one’s morning.

Saturday Afternoon

♒ Mr.C & I met up with Jesse & Lauren of Our Crazy Ever After for brunch at Bruegger’s (this one’s located in an old fire station). We had a great time chatting and indulging in bagel-y goodness!  It was sweet of them to take a break from packing to hang out with us and yes, they really are as cool+funny in real life as they are on their blog. We wish them the best of luck with their move to the burbs next week and thanks for all the Mpls foodie tips (we’ve even ordered Davanni’s deep dish for dinner tonight!!).  Can’t wait for our next double date ;)

♒ after eating far to many bagels than we’d care to admit (sea salt + cracked pepper anyone? cinnamon sugar bagel with honey cream cheese?), we stopped off at the store to pick up contact solution, soil, and new pots for our cacti.

♒ don’t they look fab?! All grown up in their new pots. Except for Flora – sadly…. yes, either she was over watered, not getting enough sunlight, getting too much sun or a combo of two of these. Anyway, her base was rotting and leaves were falling off so I trimmed her up and separated the healthy part of the plant and repotted it. Here’s hoping she regrows!

Saturday Evening

♒ Thanks to a suggestion from Jesse+Lauren we ordered a deep dish pizza from Davanni’s for dinner tonight. Mm mmm mmm!

♒ we plan to fill the rest of our evening with a Heroes marathon and an early bed time for yours truly since I’ll be up at early for work tomorrow.

Have a great week pals!


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