yesterday i cleaned up my itunes.

on the chopping block?

♩christmas songs that were popping up during shuffle

♪ songs that were popular in college, that i just “had to have” but never really listened to much on my own

♫ tunes i added because i sort of liked them, thought they’d grow on me, but never did

♬ and of course those infamous songs that you always skip but never seem to get around to deleting

yeah, it was a no holds barred kinda day and no song was safe.

so as i said farewell to 157 songs, i said hello to some old favorites!

i hope you enjoy these songs! they are all from different genres, so a little something for everybody. happy thursday guys!

i dare you to not to shake your shoulders or tap your foot

Bachna Ae Haseeno – REMIX


oh fallout boy how i miss you…this song/style reminds me of you!

Lost in Limbo – Divided by Friday


why this isn’t more popular i’ll never understand

Hypem – Atlantic Connection ft. Armanni Reign


easy listening, nice chorus

Bien o Mal – Julieta Venegas


and this one just for laughs (you MUST listen at the 1min mark!)

I was a mermaid and now I’m a popstar


2 thoughts on “✰mixtape

    • haha didn’t you just love it?! got it from an improvisor at the theatre – she sings a parody in current show to the tune of “part of your world” and stumbled on the crazy mermaid song while doing research for the show.

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