so, my week thus far has been full of work, naps, work, naps, tv, migraine, skype with mama, and you guessed it, more work. i really meant to write an awesome blog post today …and do laundry, and dishes, and a blog post for tomorrow too, and put photos into albums..and…and… but sadly, i think i’ve failed. so instead i’ll just have to leave you with a few snapshots from my walks to + from the bus to work and the promise that I will eventually put up a proper post…eventually….

✖ apparently it is crucial to know that from this patch of sidewalk on is the south siiiide -you’ve been warned-

✖ ah, now this blurry image is one i snapped on a rainy morning at 6:30am. the figure is an older woman, dressed in western gear, complete with boots, hat, and holster. except in place of a gun she had scissors. originally i thought she had a braided leather tail attached to the back of her pants, but when she heard my footsteps behind her she pulled off the tail, which turned out to actually be a whip, and started snapping it in the air as she walked. errrr, about that….

✖ glimpse of me in the mirror as i head up to the apartment

✖ a house i walked by yesterday. the entire yard is enclosed by a super high fence and guarded by these painted mannequin heads on poles. mmmhmm…. creepy….

✖ the building we currently call home

✖ and finally, the sweetest kittycat that comes to say hello to me. usually spotted in front of its house, under a tree in the yard, or snooping around the church.


6 thoughts on “walkies

  1. that mannequin head is creepy! and I like the rainy day picture… very artsy :)

    Have a great day! {I have a giveaway going on right now & would love for you to enter! amyreneonline.com}

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